The biography of Prophet Muhammad – Month 14

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The biography of Prophet Muhammad – Month 14

Mahabba Campaign Part-401

Imam Hakim reports . Hudaifa ibnul Yaman said. On the night of Khandaq Abu Sufiyan and his group were above us and the Quraish were below us. We don’t even know what will happen to our women and children. We have never experienced a night so dark and frightening . So much so that even ones own hand was not visible. A roaring wind. The hypocrites ask the Prophet ﷺ for permission to go to their homes. He gave permission to all those who asked. The reason of those who asked permission was that their houses were in danger. Hudaifa says. We are about 300 people. One by one came to the Prophet ﷺ . He asked, “Who among you will go to the enemies and return after knowing their condition . The one who comes with the information will be near to me in the Hereafter.” The Prophet ﷺ asked three times but no one answered. Finally Abu Bakar said. Hudaifa will go . Hudaifa came to the Prophet ﷺ and said . I had no clothes to protect me from the cold. All I had was a woolen blanket used by my wife which reached only up to my knees. I crawled on my knees and reached the Prophet ﷺ .The Prophet ﷺ asked, ‘who is this’. I said, ‘I am Hudaifa’. I hesitated to get up. The Prophet ﷺ asked me to get up.’Seek the news of the enemy and come quickly’ . The Prophet ﷺ asked me. By Allah Who appointed you, I cannot even to stand up because of cold. I can’t endure this cold anymore. ” You will not be affected by any cold or heat until you go and come back”. The Prophet ﷺ responded. I have fear inside. Not the fear of being killed. I am afraid that I will be taken hostage. The Prophet ﷺ replied. You will never be held captive.
I decided to leave anyway. By that time the Prophet ﷺ prayed for me. “O Allah, protect Hudaifa! Protect him on all four sides”. Hudaifah continues. As if there was no fear in my heart..I walked forward fearlessly . Immediately the Prophet ﷺ called me from behind. And then said. “Do not take any action until you reach here”.
There is also another narration . Please tell me what I should do after reaching there ?. Hudafa asked . ‘You must go straight to the Quraish. Then tell them; Tomorrow morning, the opposite party will first look for the Quraish. Then the war will be directly against them. Then you should go to Banu Kinana and tell them just like what you tell to the Quraish. Tell like that to the people of Qais too”.
Hudaifah says. I set out for the enemy camp. I reached the place where they were having heat. I also sat with them in that dark light. At that time, a fat person warmed his hand and said, “Let’s get ready to leave.” From the appearance I guessed that it was Abu Sufiyan. I quickly took an arrow from my quiver and attached it to my bow. I thought of sending an arrow . Just then I remembered the words of the Prophet ﷺ; that do not take any action except with his permission . With that I put the arrow in to the quiver. Then I sat there with them. Then Abu Sufiyan felt that someone from outside had come here. Immediately he said. ‘Each of you hold hands with the people on your left and right and try to know who it is’. Immediately I grabbed the hands of the people on my right and left. Then I got acquainted with them. At that time Mu’awiyat bin Abi Sufiyan was on the right side and Amr bin Al Aas was on the left side. When I asked for their names in a lowder voice, then they did not doubt me. I sat there for a while and then set out for the Kinana and Qais tribes.

Mahabba Campaign Part-402

As he had spoken to the Quraish and the Qais, Hudaifa spoke to the Kinana tribe. Hudaifah continues . ‘Then I entered into the army and reached near Banu Amirs in the group. Amir Bin Alqama called out from among them; ‘The wind has destroyed us. There is no profit in staying here, let’s go’. Then I realized that the camp of the Mushriks had been destroyed. I could hear the rustling sound of the wind . Then a certain group called out. ‘Where are the leaders? Where are the Quraish ? Keep silence!, don’t you see what happened here? Where is Kinana?. Don’t they see what happened here’ ?.
Abu Sufiyan said when he saw the scenes. ‘Prepare your vehicles for departure’. Hudaifa says. ‘I looked and it was Abu Sufiyan jumping on his camel. Pushing it up.But it can’t get up’.
After witnessing the sights and events, I left the place. I went straight to the Prophet ﷺ. When I reached half way, I saw 20 horsemen wearing turbans. They told me. ‘Go and tell the Prophet ﷺ, who appointed you that the wind and the special army have defeated the enemy’. When I approached the Prophet ﷺ, he was performing prayer wrapping a blanket around him. When I returned to the Prophet ﷺ, the fears and worries that I had earlier, returned to my heart. Anyway, after the prayer, I spoke to the Prophet ﷺ. Condition of the enemy camp was shared. I described the scenes in which the Allies were about to return as defeated. Then I slept there until morning.Then the Prophet ﷺ called me. Wake up, oh you sleep!.
After a while ,not a single group of the enemy army was to be seen. All had gone back to their camps. The Prophet ﷺ also allowed his followers to return to their homes. They returned home with joy and excitement.
The anti-Islam allied force came fully armed to destroy Islam and the Prophet ﷺ forever. But they retreated miserably, unable to take a single step forward. The help from Allah has raised the Prophet ﷺ and his followers to a higher level of glory which they did not have until then.
We have read a chapter that presents many curiosities in the history of the Prophet ﷺ. How the Prophet ﷺ was leading the prominent part of political defense, social protection and military leadership while performing the duty of preaching and spiritual discipline. He has succeeded in the execution of diverse functions of a great leader. How skillfully a leader strives to instill confidence in followers in times of crisis !. How the believers achieved success when there was only a remote possibility of winning!. How internal crises and arch enemies were dealt with simultaneously!. How was it possible to convince that everything is controlled by a spiritual power beyond weapons and war tactics? Is there any leader in the whole history of the world, who beautifully mobilized a faith-centered people in both worship and battle other than Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ?
We read about the small army of heroes who returned to the path of action with a flag of victory, with the hope and confidence that the whole world’s emperors would be at their feet tomorrow, when a large army led by the Quraish returned from Khandaq completely disheartened.
During the military operations of Ahsab or Khandak, eight Muslims were martyred. They were Sa’ad bin Mu’adh, Anas bin Aws, Abdullahi bin Sahl, Tufail bin Nu’man, Salabatu bin Anama:, Ibn Adiyy, Ka’abu bin Za’id, Muhammad bin Umar.

Mahabba Campaign Part-403

Abu Sufiyan was deeply hurt by the pitiful return. He wrote a letter to the Prophet ﷺ. Its content was as follows: O Allah, in your name, I swear by the gods, lata and uzza. I came to meet you with a large group, but you did not want to meet us. I will come to root out you on a day like Uhud. Even women may be slaughtered that day.
This letter brought by Abu Usamatul Jushami was read to the Prophet ﷺ by Ubayy bin Al Ka’ab. After reading it, the Prophet ﷺ wrote a reply to Abu Sufiyan. It was like this. “After prefatory remarks . I received your letter. Allah has already broken your deceitful nets. Did you write in the letter that you came with a large group and next time you will destroy us ? But Allah has prevented such a thing between us. It is not possible. Allah has decided for us the final victory. I will come to you. Then definitely I will destroy lata, uzza, Isaf, naila,hubul and others. Then I will tell you about it. Oh, you senseless man from Banu Ghalib!
Verses nine to twenty-five of the Ahzab chapter refer to the details of Ahzab military defense. The content can be read as follows.
“O you who have believed, remember the favor of Allah upon you when there came to you some armies. Then He sent against them a wind, and armies that you did not see. Allah is All-Seeing of what you do. When they came to you through your upper side and through your lower part. When your eyes turned dull, and your hearts rose up to your throats, and you began to think diverse thoughts about Allah. There the believers were tested they were shaken with severe shake. And when the hypocrites and those in whose hearts was a disease, began to say: Allah and His Messenger promised us (victory) only to deceive us. And a party of them said Oh, people of Yatrib! there is no place to stand for you ( here) therefore go back, and a party of them asked permission of the Prophet ﷺ saying that our houses are not secure . Actually they are not insecure. Only that they intend to flee. If the enemy approaches them through different parts of Madeena and then asks them to cause trouble against the Muslims, they will do so. And they will not delay. Not just a little. They had previously made a covenant with Allah that they would not turn back. Allah’s covenant is questioned. .Say, O Prophet: If you run away from death or killing, that run will not benefit you. Even if you run away, you will be given a little comfort and say: If Allah intends to harm you – or rather He intends to grant you mercy – who is there to protect you from Allah? They will find no protector or helper besides Allah. . And Allah knows those who are disbelievers among you and those who say to their brothers, ‘come to us’. They come not to the war but a little. They will be miserly towards you. So when the fear of war comes, you will see them looking tou, their eyes rolling like one swooning because of death, but when the fear is gone, they smite you with sharp tongues, being niggardly of the good things . Such people have not believed. So Allah has nullified their deeds. It is a trivial matter to Allah.
Hypocrites think that the allies are not gone, and if the allies should come (again), that they could have been desert dwellers with the rural Arabs, asking for news about you, and if they were among you they would not fight except a little. Indeed, you have a good example in the Messenger of Allah for him who hopes in Allah and the latter day and remembers Allah much. When the believers saw the organized parties, they said: This is what Allah and His Messenger promised us. Allah and His Messenger have spoken the truth. It only increased their faith and devotion. Of the believers are men who are true to the covenant they made with Allah: Thus some of them fulfilled their vow through martyrdom. Some of them look forward to it. So that Allah may reward the truthful for their truthfulness even if they do not alter the covenant in any way. and to punish the hypocrites, if He wills, or to accept their

Mahabba Campaign Part-404

We have been traveling with the historical references about the defense of the Khandaq. There are narrations that treat all the wars in the history of Islam as harmful. But when we look closely at the events of the Khandaq, we can understand that Madeena was skillfully defending the broad alliance formed against Islam and the Prophet ﷺ,led by the polytheists of Mecca, with the support of the Jews. But this too is called a war in history. A possible gruesome war was actually averted there. The Khandaq operation was made possible by a highly skilled defense to save everything from the grand alliance which had come to destroy a land fully , it’s people and its ruler.
However , all these events were enough to convince us that the Prophet ﷺ and the messages upheld by the Prophet ﷺ, were true and received heavenly protection. Yet the Jews and the polytheists turned against the Prophet ﷺ and the believers again, with hatred and feud. In other words, they were not ready to learn lesson from Khandaq.Thus, the verses from 25 of the Al Ahzab chapter of the Holy Qur’an point to the details. “Allah sent back the disbelievers from the battlefield in their wrath. They did not succeed. Allah is sufficient to fight for the believers. Allah is Mighty and Majestic. Some people of the Book helped the enemy army. Allah drove them down from their forts and put fear in their hearts. Some of them you killed and some of them you took captive. He has made you heir to their land and their dwellings and property and to a land you which you have not yet set foot, And Allah has power to do all things.”
Muhammad bin Umar explains the situation. When the Quraish left Khandaq, the Banu Quraila were terrified. They were afraid of what would happen next. What more can we expect in history and politics of a people who are traitors and swindlers who have broken agreements, cheated in times of crisis, and allied themselves with enemies. The issue does not end with a mere confession from one individual or a public apology. What policy should a ruler take here with foresight, seeing the security of a land, society and nation. This is the problem before the Prophet ﷺ. Stay in the country and enjoy all the security and benefits. When the country has to face a war from an allied force , isn’t it a bigger crime to join the enemy?. The ruler needs to consider whether such a group should be allowed to live in the country. It is not just a matter of mercy and forgiveness. The Prophet ﷺ waited for Allah’s command. Waited for the arrival of Gibreel .

Mahabba Campaign Part-405

Ayisha says: The Holy Prophet ﷺ reached my house after the Khandaq war . After a while, someone knocked on the door.The Prophet ﷺ immediately went to the door. I also followed. Then there was a man sitting on a horse . I went inside . When the Prophet ﷺ came back after sending him away, I asked, who that person was. When he asked me, ‘Did you see him?’, I answered, ‘Yes .’ ‘He looks like whom’? I replied ‘He looks like Dahiyatul Kalbi’. ‘Well, it is Gibreel; He came with the announcement to set out for war with the Banu Quraila.The Prophet ﷺ instructed Bilal to make announcement for war. Bilal called out, “Those among you who set out for war according to this call, should not perform Asar prayer before reaching Banu quraila.” The Companions appeared before the Prophet ﷺ . A group was sent ahead under the leadership of Ali. Then the Prophet ﷺ put on an armour, wore a helmet; took a sword. Taking the bow and a quiver full of arrows, he mounted a horse named Luhaifa and set out with three thousand armed companions. Thirty-six horses, including three horses of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, were with the group. When the army moved forward, the Holy Prophet ﷺ saw some of the armed Ansars and the Holy Prophet ﷺ asked them, “Did you see anyone going this way a while ago?” They said, ‘We saw Dihiyat al-Kalbi going towards this way on his white horse,’. The Prophet ﷺ said, ‘That is Gibreel; The Holy Prophet ﷺ asked them to go forward immediately.
The leading army under the leadership of Ali entered the fort of the Banu quraila and planted the flag near the base of the fort. In that group were the Ansars and the Muhajirs. Seeing the Muslim army, the Jews locked the door of the fort and went into the palace, shouting obscene remarks about the Prophet ﷺ. The Sahaba remained confidently, saying only, ‘Let the swords decide between us and you’. By then, they saw the Holy Prophetﷺ and his army coming from a distance. Leaving the charge of the flag to Qadatul Ansari, Ali ran to the Holy Prophet ﷺ. He requested, ‘O Messenger of Allah, do not go near those scoundrels.’ ‘You must have heard them abusing me. Well, they won’t tell if I come close to them ,’ he replied. So the Holy Prophet ﷺ reached the fort of Banu Quraila. “O race of monkeys, has not Allah disgraced you”
The Holy Prophetﷺ addressed them like that referring to the punishment for the people who were deformed as monkeys for fishing on the Sabbath day. Then they said, ‘Ya Abel Qasim, you are not ignorant’.And the Prophet ﷺ reminded them the history of being turned into pigs and said, ‘People of the monkey and pig race, have you spoken ill about me? Those who worship the devil, did not Allah punish you?’. But they denied. On hearing this, Uzaidibnu Hulair said:- ‘O enemies of Allah, like a fox stuck in a burrow , hide yourself inside the fort and end yourself .’ When they heard this, they became more worried. They said: ‘Yaibnu Halir, we are the ones who made a covenant with you.’ But Usaid denied it. In fact they had rejected covenants.
The Muslim army besieged the fort of the Jews for twenty-five days. It is said to be fifteen days and one month. There are opinions that the food of the Companions in those days was dates . On that occasion the Holy Prophetﷺ also said that ‘date is the best food’.

Mahabba Campaign Part-406

The trapped Jews inside the fortress became very much worried . Fear gripped them. Huyyay ibn Akhtab, who sowed the seeds for the Battle of Khantaq, was among them. He had fled from the battle of Khantaq and sought refuge in the fort of the Banu quraila. Huyyay was the Abu Jahl of the Jews.
One of the leaders of the Banu Quraila, Ka’ab ibn Usayd said when the condition going to be more serious. “O Jews, the matter has reached this condition . I see three ways to escape from here. I will tell you those three ways. You adopt a method that seems sensible for you . It is clear that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is a Prophet. All the signs mentioned in the Torah can be seen in the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Therefore, it is necessary to be with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. It is the non-Bani Israel Arabs who prevent us from believing in Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. They do so out of jealousy and spite. I had not liked to weaken the covenant with the Prophet ﷺ. It was this gentleman or Huyyay who caused the mischief. Don’t you remember Ibn Quraash foretelling you that a Prophet will come to this land, that you should support that Prophet, and that you should believe in the first book and the last book, and they are the Torah and the Furqan? So let us follow Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
They did not accept this opinion of Ka’ab . Then, Ka’ab presented the second method:- ‘Let our women and children fall prey to our swords themselves. So the family burden can be removed first. After that we can fight them with sharp swords. If we perish in that war, let us perish. If we win, we will get wives and children again!
They did not accept this opinion either. Their response was, why do we live after killing our loved ones. Then Ka’ab explained the third way. He said:- ‘Tomorrow is Saturday: they will not expect us to go to war on Saturday. Let us use that opportunity to make a lightning war. If we do that, we will probably be able to drive them away.
They did not accept this opinion either. They replied, ‘Hearing the experiences of those who did wrong on Saturday, was enough for them to withdraw. We are not ready for that.’ On this occasion Amr ibnu Sa’di, a Jew, introduced another opinion before them. “Let us live here paying Jizya or tribute to them. Then he said, ‘I don’t know if they will accept this opinion,’ they replied, ‘It is better to die than to live by paying tribute to them.’
This Amr escaped from the fort very secretly that night. Some of the Companions met him. When Muhammad ibn Maslamat asked him who he was, he replied, ‘I am Amr ibn Sa’adi’. When the Companion was about to capture Amr, he informed him of the facts and begged to be released. Muhammad ibn Maslamat released him. He disappeared into the darkness of the night. No one knew where did he go.

Mahabba Campaign Part-407

After twenty-five days, the Jews, who were suffering with the siege, sent a man named Nabbas ibnu Khuwaisi to the Prophet ﷺ as a mediator. Nabbash requested the Prophet ﷺ to allow them to do , as the tribe of Banunalir had done; abandoning their armor, weapons and houses, each household carrying as much as one camel could carry. The Holy Prophet ﷺ did not accept that request. But then Nabbash again requested to allow to leave the country empty handed. The Holy Prophet ﷺ replied, “Only if you want to come down by submitting to the decision of the Messenger of Allah, leave the fort.” Nabbash went back.
The fear of the Jews increased. They began to feel that there was no escape for their lives. That’s when they remembered Rifa’at ibnul Mundir Al Ansari from the tribe of Aus. Rifa’at was commonly called Abu Lubabat. He was a friend and client of the Banu Quraila. The Jews requested the Prophet ﷺ to send Abu Lubabat to them. Accepting that request, The beloved Prophet ﷺ sent him inside the fort. When he entered the fortress, all the Jews, including women and children, surrounded him weeping and begging him to save them. Ka’ab ibn Asad said to him:
‘My friend, we are in grave danger. We are in tears. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ does allow us to leave. We informed that we would leave this country empty-handed. But we did not get permission. We are not brave enough to come down like that. What is your opinion? Shall we go down? Abu Lababa said to them, ‘Get down’. He also gestured that if they come down, they will be killed. Abu Lababa says:- ‘Before lowering the gestured hand, I realized that what I had done was dangerous. I was sorry and I repented. I came out of the fort with tears in my eyes saying that I had done wrong to Allah and the Messenger.” He did not see the Holy Prophet ﷺ and walked straight to the masjid and chained his body to the wall of the masjid . He vowed that ’till I die I will neither give food nor water to this body.’ It went six days without food or water. It is reported that it was ten days. His wife untie him during the prayer time and tie him again immediately after the prayer. He became very tiered and fell unconscious. Meanwhile, the holy Qur’an revealed the verse referring to the forgiveness of his crime .The Holy Prophet ﷺ conveyed the good news to him. The Prophet ﷺ ordered him to be released. He sent back those who had gone to release him. He requested that to be released by the holy hands of the Holy Prophet ﷺ. The Holy Prophet ﷺ released him. When he informed the Holy Prophet (ﷺ) that he thought to leave the country and property if he was forgiven. The Holy Prophet (ﷺ) advised him that it would be enough to donate one-third of his property.

Mahabba Campaign Part-408

When it became clear that there was no way out, the people of Banu Quraila opened the door and came out. There is no definitive record of their number. There are many reports about their number like 400, 500, 900, 16, 40.
The Khazraj tribe of Madeena had made an agreement with the Qainuq’a tribe. The Prophet ﷺ had given permission to the Qainuq’a tribe to leave the country at the request of the Khazraj . Similarly, the tribe of Aus requested the Holy Prophet ﷺ to allow the people of Quraila, who had made a treaty of friendship with them , to leave the country. But the Prophetﷺ did not accept that request. The Holy Prophet ﷺ asked the tribesmen of Aus, “Would it be acceptable to you to appoint someone from your tribe to judge the affairs of the Banu quraila ?” They assured that it was acceptable for them. But when the Holy Prophet ﷺ suggested to choose someone, they chose Sa’ad bin Mua’ad, the chief of the tribe of Aus. It is also believed that the Holy Prophet ﷺ himself suggested his name . At Khantaq, he was wounded by an arrow and was in rest at the house of Raqeeda. The people the Aus tribe went to that house and met Sa’ad and described him the matter . They reminded him of the favors the Holy Prophet ﷺ had previously granted to Banu Nalir and Qainuqa’ and expressed their interest in Banu Quraila. Sa’ad did not reply.
He was placed on a horse and brought to the Holy Prophet ﷺ. When he approached, the Holy Prophet ﷺ instructed Companions to stand up and respect him. Then all the Companions; the Muhajirs and the Ansars, stood up. The Companions informed him that the Holy Prophet ﷺ has appointed him to give a verdict on the matter of Banu Quraila. The Holy Prophet ﷺ asked him to give the judgment. When Sa’ad said, ‘Allah and the Messenger have the right to judge’, the Holy Prophet ﷺ informed him that, ‘Allah’s command is that you should judge .’ Then Sa’ad spoke facing the Companions. Respecting the command of Allah, I ask you: Do you accept the judgment I am telling you?” The Companions unanimously said , ‘Yes’. Then he turned to the area where the Holy Prophet ﷺ was sitting. He greeted the Holy Prophet ﷺ without looking at the face of the Holy Prophet ﷺ and asked. “Is the judgment I going to give concerning them, acceptable to those sitting in this area?” . The Prophet ﷺ said; ‘Yes’. Then, facing the Banu Quraila, he asked:-
‘Is my judgment acceptable to you too?’ They also agreed saying, ‘Yes’. He got the assurance from them that his ruling was acceptable to them. After that Sa’ad ibnu mua’ad gave the verdict as follows:- “Kill all the adult males among them. Enslave women and children as prisoners of war. Confiscate their properties as spoils of war. Make their houses the residences of the Muhajirs”. After saying this, the Prophet ﷺ said, “You have decreed Allah’s decree. Last night, an angel informed me that this is Allah’s decree.”
Later, the Prophet ﷺ ordered to confiscate the weapons and property of the people inside the fort. One thousand and five hundred swords, three hundred armors , two thousand catapults , five hundred shields, many household utensils, horses, sheep and camels were also captured. Along with these palm trees belonging to the Jews were also seized. These objects and the people were first divided into five parts. Out of it, the Holy Prophet ﷺ set aside one share which could be used according to his will, and the remaining four shares were shared among the Companions. The said four shares were again divided into three thousand and seventy two shares and distributed to the Companions.. The total strength of the Muslim forces was three thousand. Six of them were cavalrymen. Three shares were given to each one in cavalry and one share for those in infantry.
Then the Prophet ﷺ returned to Madeena. The punishment was carried out on Banu Quraila and they were buried in the trenches prepared earlier.

Mahabba Campaign Part-409

Critics of Islam and atheists have always tried to insult Islam and the Prophet ﷺ pointing to the Banu Quraila incident. Criticism is based only without factual study or the criticism was with blind hatred towards Islam. They alleged that the Prophet ﷺ had mercilessly killed around a thousand people. But let us judge what the reality is.

a) Critics claim that about a thousand people were killed. But there is no definite record available as to assert the exact number of those killed. After examining the sources, Barakat Ahmad, in his book ‘Muhammad and the Jews’, mentioned that seventeen or eighteen people were killed. It is quoted in the book, ‘The Host and the Hunter’.
If we read all the reports related to this , we can say that the maximum number of the killed is four hundred.

b) In any case can such a death sentence be carried out ? Someone may ask. It is important to understand who did this and why?. The answer is that the Prophet ﷺ, who was also the ruler of the country, took this action against the traitors, Banu Quraila. Even though they were enjoying all the benefits of Madeena and were in contract with the Muslims in general and with the Prophet ﷺ. When an army of ten thousand men came to attack Madeena , they helped the enemies and stood by them. How to punish those who have cheated in this way and acted treasonably?
Wensinck, who discussed this issue, says that any sophisticated society would have done what the Prophet ﷺ did. He writes: “The Prophet ﷺ treated Banu Nalir in a very dignified manner. But it was they who spearheaded the siege of Khandaq against Madeena . Pardoning Banu Quraila at this stage would have been a very risky decision.” (Wensinck in Der Islam, 11, 289)
c) A question may arise as to whether it was not enough to deport the Banu Quraila who had committed treasonous activities, just as the Banu Nalirs were allowed to leave the country.
Banu Nalir left the country and organized in Khyber and organized the Mushriks of Mecca and formed an alliance army to attack Madeena. Likewise , if Banu Quraila were also released, they would have had a chance to organize again.
What prevented the Battle of Ahzab was the unexpected heavy rain and the trench. It was easy for the Jews to reassemble the army when the winter season was over. The enemy dispersed in a frenzy, and in their leaders had no prospect of abating their grudge except increasing their thirst for vengeance. With this, the Jewish coalition has become united in the extermination of the Muslims. And there was a good chance that they would go ahead with their plan to root out Muslims . What would be the decision taken by a judicious leader in such a situation? How can such a leader leave his followers to the enemy? Or try to save them from such a threat?
d) The rationalists who propagate the action taken against Banu Quraila as a genocide and their number as a great number, try to present religion in general and Islam in particular as synonymous with cruelty. But Hitler who massacred sixty lakh Jews was an atheist and a free thinker. An estimated 94 million were killed by atheist communists. According to The Black Book of Communism, it can be explained as follows:
65 million in the People`s Republic of China 20 million in the Soviet Union 2 million in Cambodia 2 million in North Korea 1.7 million in Ethiopia, 1.5 million in Afghanistan,
1 million in the Eastern Bloc, 1 million in Vietnam, 150,000 in Latin America!
Free thinking was behind all these cruelties.

Mahabba Campaign Part-410

We are reading the chapters of survival and resistance from Khandaq. We have to understand the instruction of the Prophet ﷺ to perform Asr prayer only after reaching Banu Quraila. A group of companions took the instruction in it’s verbal sense. Or they understood the verbal sense and even though it was very late at night, they performed prayer only after reaching their destination. But another section understood that they should travel as soon as possible. Therefore, when it was time for Asr, they performed the prayer before reaching Banu Quraila . Finally both groups came before the Holy Prophet ﷺ . The Prophet ﷺ agreed the views of both groups. This incident opened the way for some thoughts.
Quranic verses and Prophetic words can be interpreted by those who have qualifications and accept the variations that may arise from it. The Prophet ﷺ was teaching that. There are four known madhhabs(Schools) in the Islamic world. This incident is also an explanation for how different opinions come from one topic. No research is required or research has been done on anything that clearly stated. There is no possibility of research in the religious fundamentals of Islam. The research is allowed only in topics related to our rituals. The Holy Prophet ﷺ has basically allowed the research done by qualified people and the variations that may arise in it.
This does not mean that anyone can interpret religion or the Qur’an in any way. Only those who have the necessary qualifications can be. The most important qualification is the knowledge of the Qur’an. Those with the qualifications did not come after the four Imams. That is why after the four imams, no one has come in the world who can be imitated like them. Although there were many others of equal merit in their time, their researches have not been systematically codified. Almost all the scholars who emerged in the world after the time of Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Malik, Imam Shafi’e and Imam Ahmad, imitated one of them. Many questions remain unanswered in the case of those who reject this imitation. In the lives of so many believers, the observations and studies of those great scholars are woven into their daily practices.
Keeping these facts in front , the world of Islamic scholars has agreed that those who do not have research qualifications must imitate one of the four Imams . The circumstances were not favorable in later times to get the real picture of the Prophet’s ﷺ life. That was the favor received by all the four Imams. No one later came who knew better than the Imams the true meanings of the idioms used in the Qur’an and the Hadith. The four imams and their contemporaries were the most knowledgeable about the circumstances under which the verses of the holy Qur’an were revealed, the verses of the Qur’an that came later by modifying what was once revealed, and the chronological differences between them.
It was also the good fortune of the said Imams that they were able to look beyond the times and beyond the chronologies. We get the conviction that they were the ones chosen by Allah to practically introduce the religion to the ritual life of ordinary believers.
The blessing we receive from the action of the Companions on the day of Banu Quraila is the justification for both being correct, the differences in the practices of the Shafi’i Madhhab, who pray Subah by performing the Qunut, and the Hanafi Madhab, who do not perform the Qunut in the Subah.

Mahabba Campaign Part-411

Five years have passed since the migration. These five years were eventful; Days of survival and defense. As if the ways of progress are clear ahead. The thought of the anti Islam groups that Islam can always be attacked by anyone anywhere, changed. It was then that the famous Hudaybiyah Truce in history took place.
Meanwhile, there is one more small step to mention. It was a military operation to Syria. Abdullah ibn Ummi Maktoum was appointed in charge of Madeena. Then the Prophet ﷺ set out with a group of 200 people. Passed through Gurab, Maheez, Batra, and entered the left path. Later, traveled near the long channels where water flows during the flood season. Then, traveling in haste, reached an area called Guran, five miles away from Usfan. It was there that earlier the followers of the Prophet ﷺ were brutally killed by the enemies. Local residents were asked to come forward. But they passed to the top of the hills. Two of the 20 horsemen crossed to the hill area. The followers had to suffer unbearable hardships here before . Ten Companions were killed in the said incident. However, the Prophet ﷺ returned to Madeena after this expedition called the “Banu Lahyan” military move. In which the Prophet ﷺ was away from Madeena for 14 days.
Let us come to the Hudaybiyya itself .The Prophet ﷺ saw in his dream that he and his followers entering Mecca fearlessly with shorn or shaved heads. The dreams of the prophet ﷺ were not just a vision. Rather it is a part of the divine message. Therefore, it cannot be avoided as a mere dream .
Accordingly, the Prophet ﷺset out for Mecca with 1400 followers wishing to perform Umrah. The Prophet ﷺ allowed his followers to accompany him thinking that there might be any protest from the Quraish . But the people living in the villages around Madeena chose to stay in Madeena. This was the Prophet’s ﷺ first journey to Mecca after his migration to Madeena .
When they left Madeena and reached a place called Dhul Hulaifa, they all performed Ihram or got ready for Umrah, following certain rules wearing the prescribed dress. The place is also known as Bi’ru Ali. The Prophet ﷺ appointed a spy from the Khuza’a tribe to get information of the Quraish. There were about seventy camels for sacrifice with the amuslims.
As the province of Asfan approached, the spy came and gave this information. Ka’ab bin Luayy has decided to defend by organizing some Arab tribes. They have decided to fight and face the Prophet ﷺ in the Ka’aba. The Prophet ﷺ consulted his companions. Meanwhile, a question was posed to them; ‘Do you think that I will fight Ka’ab and his gang in Mecca”? The followers said, “We do not know; Allah and His Messenger know best.” . “We are not going to fight anyone. We are going to the Holy Ka’aba and perform Umrah. If someone prevent us , sometimes we have to face them . Then the Prophet ﷺ said, “Let us go ahead.” And so they continued their journey.

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Mahabba Campaign Part-413

Let us read one more incident at Hudaibiyya. Zaid bin Khalid says. It rained overnight while we were in Hudaibiyya.That day, after the morning prayer, the Prophet ﷺ spoke to his companions and asked. ‘Do you know what Allah said’ ? The companions responded that ‘Allah and His Messenger know’. Then the Prophet ﷺ said: Allah says. ‘When morning dawned, one group of people were believers and the other group were non-believers. Those who believed that the rain came by the mercy of Allah, accepted me and disbelieved in the stars. Those who believed that the stars or constellations gave rain, disbelieved in me and believed in the stars’.
Imam Ibn Sa’ad quotes. “It rained in Hudaibiyya. The soles of the footwear got wet, then the Prophet’s ﷺ representative called out. ‘Perform prayer in your tents’.
Amr bin Salim and Buzar bin Sufiyan presented goats and camels to the Prophet ﷺ. Amr bin Salim gifted camels to his friend Sa’ad bin Ubadah. He approached the Prophet ﷺ with them. The Prophet ﷺ prayed for Amr . Then told Sa’ad to slaughter the camel and distribute among his followers and to share the goats with everyone. Ummu Salama also got a share from it.
When the Prophet ﷺ and his followers were encamped in Hudaibiyya, a man named Budayl bin Warqau approached the Prophet ﷺ. (Later he came to Islam) There was a group from Khuza’a tribe also with him.Amr bin Salim, Qirash bin Umayya ,Kharijath bin Kurs and Yazeed bin Umayya with whom the Prophet ﷺ used to discuss important matters, were also with Budail bin Amr. No movement in Tihama was carried out without their consent . It was a group of those who interested in public welfare.
How ever , after saying introductory salutations , they started talking to the Prophet ﷺ. We come from your people; including Ka’ab bin Luayy and Amir bin Luayy. The Ahbash are ready for fight . (Ahbash are the tribes with whom had pact at the foot of Hubsha valley .) A number of groups have started to prevent you . Among them are women, children, camels full milk in their udders, and breastfeeding mothers. They have sworn that they will not allow you to enter Mecca.
The Prophet ﷺ replied that they did not come to fight but only to perform Umrah. We will enter Mecca calmly and circumambulate the holy Ka’aba. If anyone try to make impediments , we will have to defend. Budail understood the intention of the Prophet ﷺ. He got up and walked towards….

Mahabba Campaign Part-414

Those who saw the arrival of Budail، said to the Quraish leaders, look Budail and his companions are coming. How about asking them about the condition ? The leaders said that there is no need to ask them anything. By that time, Budail came near. When he knew that no one was asking anything, he started saying. ‘We are coming from the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. What if we tell you their present condition ?. Abu Jahl’s son Ikrima and Hakam bin al-Aas said.(Both of them accepted Islam later) ‘There is no need to tell about them here.Inform them of our decision.In any case, we will not allow them to enter Mecca this year.Inform them that it will not be possible without the last of us falling dead’.
Then Urwat bin Masuood (he also accepted Islam later) said .’Let us listen to what Budail says. If it is acceptable, we can accept it or reject it. Immediately Safwan bin Umayya and Harith bin Hisham (both of them accepted Islam later) said. But let them tell us what they experienced there. Let us listen. Budail started saying; ‘You are taking such a hasty step about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. They did not come to fight. They came only to perform Umrah’. Hearing this, Urwa intervened again. He asked the Quraish. Do you have any doubts about me? ‘No’, I am your son and aren’t you in the place of my father?. ‘Yes’.am I not the one who got the displeasure of those who were in the market of Ukkaz for you and finally came to you for refuge? ‘Yes’.
We have no reason to doubt you. They said unequivocally . Urva continued. I am your benefactor and loyal to you. You can trust me. But let me tell you. Budail has come in with a good step. Let it be there. What if I go to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and confirm the matter ?. If so, I will go there as your representative.
Accordingly, Urva went to the Prophet ﷺ. He started talking to the Prophet ﷺ. Ka’abu bin Lua’y and Amr bin Lua’y are at the wells of Hudaibiya. Along with them milking camels, breastfeeding women and children. The people of Habash came dressed in tiger skins, have also joined the group. They swear that you will not be allowed to enter Mecca. One of two things will happen here; either you will be defeated or will be disgraced .I can’t see anyone with you, who is honorable and noble . All are poor. I do not understand any of your families or tribes. If there is a crisis, they will all leave you. If you go to face the Quraish, they will subdue you and take you captive. What is more difficult for you to face such a condition ? By the time he said this, Abu Bakar Sideeq, who was behind the Prophet ﷺ, intervened. ‘Go and molest your god. What do you mean? Shall we leave the prophet ﷺ in the lurch and turn back’? Sideeq asked angrily. Then Urva asked who is this.? ‘Abu Bakar’. If I were not indebted to you, I would have answered you clearly. Abu Bakar was the one who helped by giving 10 shares while many people helped by giving one or two share when blood money was needed. That is why Urva cannot ignore Abu Bakar.

Mahabba Campaign Part-415

Urva continued his conversation with the Prophet ﷺ . Several times during the conversation, his hand reached towards the Prophet’s ﷺ beard. Mughirat bin Shu’aba blocked his hand whenever he raised his hand to speak, touching his beard . Mughira was blocking Urwa’s hand from the side of the Prophet’s ﷺ head by the hilt of the sword in his hand. Mughira told Urva when he repeated this several times. ‘You control your hand and speak. You should not touch our leader’s beard with your hand. If you repeat it again, I will handle you . Hearing this, Urva got angry. He asked, ‘who is intervening to interrupt my conversation?. Damned he . The Prophet ﷺ said with a smile as he spoke angrily again. It is your brother’s son Mughira. Oh, it’s you,? The old grudge between us in the Ukaz market has not ended. The grudge against the Saqif tribe will not end until the end of the day.
Urva was observing the behavior of the followers with the Prophet ﷺ. He witnessed many amazing sights. If the Prophet ﷺ was about to spit , it would not have fallen on the ground. The companions took it in hand and received its blessing. They will also apply that highly scented saliva to their bodies. If the Prophet ﷺ take ablution , they will not allow the water to fall on the ground. They will get it quickly. Everyone will be waiting to see if he orders something. They compete with each other to obey his orders. They always speak in a low voice in the presence of the Prophet ﷺ . Out of respect, one does not even look at him directly unless necessary.
After his conversation and the Prophet’s ﷺ reply, Urva returned to the Quraish and began to say . ‘I have visited many kings. Kisra, Kaiser and Negus and all. I have never seen any other leader respected by his followers as much as the Prophet’s (ﷺ) followers respect him. I could not see any of the aforementioned kings being obeyed by the subjects as the followers of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ obey him. When the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was about to spit, his followers would reach out their hands . They will not let it fall to the ground. They do not allow even a single hair of his head to fall on the ground. They keep it in hand. No one in the audience will speak without the Prophet’s ﷺ permission.
O Quraish , what I have to advise you is to change your attitude. I don’t think that you will win if you go to wage war with them. Even the women with them do not have the mind to yield. I am telling you for your benefit . I am doubtful whether you will be able to win if you stop those who bring sacrificial animals to sacrifice at this holy place and come to circumambulate the holy house’ . By this time the Quraish were angry. Oh Abu Yafur, don’t talk about this topic anymore. Don’t you have anything else to talk about? At least this year they must go back. Let them come next year if they want. Urva immediately said . May great calamities not befall upon you. Then he and his followers returned to Twaif.
Then Halais bin Alqama, the leader of the Ahbash, stood up. He said, let me go. He came to the place where the Prophet ﷺ and his followers were staying. He heard the “Talbiyya” they were reciting and saw the sacrificial animals. He observed them closely. Then he said. ‘Woe to the Quraish! . They stop those who come to the House of Allah with good intentions for worship’.

Mahabba Campaign Part-416

According to Ibn Sa’ad, Hulais was speaking to the Prophet ﷺ from a distance. The dignity and solemnity of the Prophet ﷺ did not allow him to approach. Finally he said that. ‘Either we will allow the group to enter Mecca comfortably or we the Ahbash will retreat from here fully’. The Quraish heard this news and said. Do not interfere in this matter. We will make our own decision. There is another report like this . The Quraish said. O Non Arab man! You don’t know how the things go . Everything you have seen from Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, is fake. Then Mikrus bin Hafs said, “Let me go and see what is happening there.” As soon as the Prophet ﷺ saw him, the Prophet ﷺ said that he is coming as a cheat. However, he came and spoke to the Prophet ﷺ. He said the same things that Budail and Urva had talked about. The Prophet ﷺ spoke to him in the same manner as he had responded to both of them. He went back.
After all this, the Prophet ﷺ thought of sending a messenger to the Quraish. The Prophet ﷺ assigned a person named Qirash bin Umayyah to the Quraish on the Prophet’s own camel named, Sa’alab. This mission was to convey the Prophet’s ﷺ message to the Quraish leaders. So he came to the Quraish. Ikrima (later he converted to Islam) slaughtered the camel on which Qirash reached there. The Quraish tried to kill him, but the Ahbash did not allow it. Finally he returned safely to the Prophet ﷺ.
According to the narration of Imam Baihaqi. When the Prophet ﷺ and his group reached Hudaibiyah, the Quraish were at a loss as to what to do. The Prophet ﷺ thought about sending a messenger to the Quraish. So Umar ibnul Khatab was called. After thinking for a while , he said. ‘Their enmity towards me is so strong. If they come to attack me, there is no one of the Adiyy tribes to stop them. I have no problem going if you like. But that’s the condition’ . Then the Prophet ﷺ did not respond. Umar continued. I will tell you a good person to appoint to Mecca. He is better than me in every aspect . There are a lot of people there to intervene if something happens to him. I mean Uthman bin Affan. Immediately the Prophet ﷺ called Uthman. And then said. You must go to the Quraish. and tell them that “we have not come for war but only to perform Umrah. You introduce Islam to them. You should go to Mecca and visit believing men and women there and give them the good news that we will have victory soon”. Uthman started his journey and when he reached a place called Baldah he met the Quraish. They asked where he was going.
Immediately Uthman said. ‘I was appointed by the Messenger of Allah to come over here and talk to you. To invite you all to Islam. So I invite you all to Islam. Allah will make his religion successful. Glory be to His Messenger. I was entrusted to tell you. We did not come for war. We have come only to perform Umrah. We will return after performing and slaughtering the sacrificial animals.
Immediately the Quraish responded like this. We will not allow. Your group is not allowed to enter here. Go and tell your leader that you can’t come here. At this juncture, Aban ibnu Sa’ad came to the scene. (Later he came to Islam). He declared security for Uthman. Then Aban said, ” Do whatever you came for.” Both of them mounted on the vehicle together. Uthman crossed the border of Mecca and began to present the matter to each and every one of them. But none of them was in favour of entering Mecca.

Mahabba Campaign Part-417

Finally the Quraish told Uthman.You can circumambulate the Ka’aba if you wish. Or we may allow you to perform Umrah. I don’t wish to perform Umrah before the Prophet ﷺ. Uthman responded immediately. He stayed in Mecca for three days talking and discussing with the Quraish .
The Companions who were in Hudaybiyyah told the Prophet ﷺ that Uthman must have performed Tawaf by now. Then the Prophet ﷺ said . ‘I don’t think Uthman will perform Tawaf before we do. Moreover We are under siege here.Then the Companions said, “Why can’t he do? Didn’t he reach there safely?”. Then the Prophet said. ‘I think that Uthman will not do that’ . There is also like this in another report. ‘No matter how many years Uthman stays there, I don’t think he will perform Tawaf without me’. When Uthman returned, the companions rushed to him and asked whether he had performed Tawaf?. This was his immediate response ; Are you so mistaken about me? Even if I had spent a year in Mecca at the time of siege of Hudaibiyyah, I would not have done it before the Prophet ﷺ. The Quraish had allowed me to perform Tawaf. But I refused it. Then the companions said together . How much better was the thought of the Prophet ﷺ .
The Prophet ﷺ said one night while staying in Hudaybiyah. Someone of you should keep vigil at night. Accordingly, the three men decided to take turns to keep watch for the night. Those three were Aus bin Khauliy, Abbad bin Bishr and Muhammad bin Maslama. One night the Quraish sent 50 men under the leadership of Mikrus bin Hafs to the Prophet ﷺ and his followers. The Prophet ﷺ had already said that Mikhrus was a cheater. Muhammad Binu Maslama caught that group. At the same time, there were some companions who went to Mecca with the permission of the Prophet ﷺ. They were in Mecca under the protection of Uthman. Kursu bin Jabir, Abdullah bin Suhail, Amr bin Abdu Shams, Abdullah bin Hudafa, Aburrum bin Umair, etc. were in that group.
The Quraish came to know that Muhammad Bin Maslama had captured some of the group they had sent. The believers in Mecca were arrested.
At this juncture , Suhail bin Amr and Huwaytwib bin Abdul Uzza were sent as representatives of Quraish to talk to the Prophet ﷺ. (Later the two embraced Islam)The Prophet ﷺ said indicating the meaning of Suhail’s name ; Now things will be easy ‘. He began by saying, O Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, those who are captured by your men, not come with the proper permission of our leaders. It is not based on a pecific decision. Then at the end of the negotiations, it was agreed to free those who were captured by Muhammad bin Maslama and to allow Uthman the companions with him to safely reach Hudaibiyyah.
In the meantime, there was a news that Uthman was killed. This led to new discussions. The Prophet ﷺ and his Companions put forward some ideas of resistance. The opinions necessary for the unification of the opinions of the companions discussed.The Prophet ﷺ came to the house of Banu Mazin bin Najjar.

Mahabba Campaign Part-418

The Prophetﷺ sat beneath a tree and said to his followers: ‘Allah has commanded me to make a covenant. Or Allah has commanded the followers to perform a special covenant with the Prophet ﷺ. Soon the companions engaged in a covenant. This is described in the holy Qura’n chapter 48, verse 18, as follows: “And when the believers pledged themselves under that tree, surely Allah was pleased with them.”
The content of the agreement was to stand with the Prophet ﷺ until death. Jabir says that during the agreement, I removed a branch of the tree that was leaning in front of the Prophet ﷺ. We made an agreement then that we will be with the Prophet ﷺ until we die. Abu Sinan Asadi was the first to approach the Prophet ﷺ for the agreement . He held out his hand. Then the Prophet ﷺ asked, ‘on what ‘we are in agreement’. He asked : What do you mean by that? Then the Prophetﷺ asked: ‘You know what I mean?’ ‘We will be with you fighting for the truth till the end’ . Either killed or subdued by the enemy’. Then the Prophet ﷺ took agreement’. We are also making the agreement according to what Abu Sinan made, said the rest of the companions.
Uthman was not near the Prophet ﷺ then. Therefore the Prophet ﷺ placed his hand for Uthman. Then he considered it as an agreement with Uthman. Then the best person and the most virtuous hands participated in the treaty for Uthman. At that time the Prophet ﷺ was saying this. O Allah, Uthman is busy with a matter for You and Your Messenger?
There are opinions as to how many people participated in Bai’atul Ril Van. One thousand four hundred or one thousand five hundred are the dominant opinions.
Imam Bukhari quotes a narration from Twarikh bin Abd al-Rahman. Twarikh says, When we went for Hajj, we saw people praying near a tree. I asked, what is this? Those who were there said that this is where the Prophet ﷺ swore allegiance to his followers. I went to Sa’eed bin Al-Musayyab. I shared this information with him. He said; ‘my father who participated in Rilwan told me. When we traveled the next year of the covenant, we passed the place where the tree was. So we returned. But we could not find it. Now you say that you have found what the followers of the Prophet ﷺ could not find. If so, you are the one who got more information about the tree .
After years some of the companions set out seeking the tree. Their goal was to find the tree where the covenant was made. But they could not come to a unanimous decision. Many people had different opinions. Ibn Umar says. It is a mercy from Allah.
Narrated by Ibn Abi Shaiba in Musannaf. Umar came to know that some people were praying near the tree where the treaty was made. Umar warned them and ordered to cut down the tree.
Respecting the objects and places related with the Prophet ﷺ in order to seek the blessing of his presence is, something that Islam encourages. It was the practice of the Companions to visit such places, remember historical occasions, and receive blessing from the Prophet’s ﷺ presence. Abdulla Ibn Umar, who is known as the person who follows the Prophet’s ﷺ deeds accurately, was at the forefront in this regard.
So it is not correct to cite the matter related to the tree to form the general view that there is no peculiarity for things related to the Prophet ﷺ. It must be understood that it had some independent dimensions of its own.

Mahabba Campaign Part-419

The Quraish came to know that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had made a covenant with his followers. Suhail lbn Amr, Mikrus and Huwaythib shared with the Quraish the interest and sincerity shown by the Companions of the Prophet ﷺ in the treaty. After this, the Quraish leaders said, It is best that we also make a pact with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. If not, we don’t know what will happen. As a continuation of this discussion, Suhail, Huwaytib and Mikrus were assigned to meet with the Prophet ﷺ. They came to the Prophet ﷺ as the representatives. As soon as he saw the arrival of Suhail, the Prophet ﷺ said that now things will be easy. The Quraish come determined to make a deal. Abbad bin Bishr and Salamat bin Aslam stood near the Prophet ﷺ wearing a military helmet . They were listening to the conversation between the Prophet ﷺ and Suhail. Meanwhile the scene became more noisy. Then Abbad intervened and asked to lower their voice. The discussion continued again. Suhail proposed the plans of the Quraish. One is that there should be no war between the two parties for ten years. Two: This year Muslims must return without entering Mecca . Three: The Muslims may come for Umra the next year and stay in Mecca for three days only . Four: No weapons other than those normally used by travelers may be carried during the four-day visit. Five: If any one accept Islam and come to Madeena they should not be accomodated there and sent back to Mecca. Six: If anyone from Madeena forsake their faith and comes to Mecca, they will be accepted in Mecca and they will not be returned . Any tribe who agree this can join either side. Hearing this, the Quza’a tribe joined the Prophet’s ﷺ side. The Banu Bakr tribe joined the Quraish.
The measures proposed by the Quraish were not acceptable to the followers . Because it was obviously biased. Umar jumped up on hearing the agreement. Then he asked the Prophet ﷺ , is he not the true prophet ( ﷺ)?. Aren’t we on the side of truth and the other side on falsehood? Isn’t it true that those who are killed from among us will be in heaven and those who are killed from among the other side will be in hell?. Then why are we so humble before them ?. Let’s fight.
The Prophet replied, “I am the Messenger and servant of Allah.” I will not do anything contrary to His command. He did not give up without helping me. Then Umar asked did he not say that we will reach the Ka’aba and do Tawaf. Didn’t he say that we will arrive this year itself? Then the Prophet ﷺ said ‘no’., I did not say that. But you will come here and circumambulate Ka’aba. Umar got impatient and went to Abu Bakar.
Then he asked, “Isn’t this the true prophet? ﷺ” Are we not on the side of truth and our opponents on the side of falsehood? Isn’t it true that those who are killed among us are in heaven and those who die among them are in hell? So why are we so humble? Let us go forward with courage? Then he replied, “No, our Prophet ﷺ is the true Prophet.” He will not do anything contrary to the command of Allah. Allah will help His Messenger. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is absolutely on the truth. Then Umar said, I believe in the Messenger of Allah. But didn’t he say that we will go to the Ka’aba and perform Tawaf? Did he say that we will go and do it this year? Umar said, ‘no’.
Umar says that there has never been a day when I had doubts about my conversion to Islam. But at that time the Prophet ﷺ said to me. Ask Allah for forgiveness from the error that has come from you.
Umar was apparently unable to accept the terms of the treaty agreed to by the Prophet ﷺ. But the Prophet ﷺ could have already seen what the outcome of this would be. This was the difference. Again the negotiations on the treaty continued.

Mahabba Campaign Part-420

The Prophet ﷺ took part in the discussion by asking, “Umar, are you rejecting what I am satisfied with?” Suhail, the Quraish representative said. Let’s write down the terms upon which we agreed . The Prophet ﷺ called Ali and asked to write “Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem”.. Then Suhail said I don’t know what Rahman and Raheem are. So write ‘Bismikallahumma’. Then the Muslims raised their voices. We do not write the covenant unless it starts with “Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem”. Then the Prophet ﷺ intervened and calmed down the scene. He said that you just write BismikAllahumma. Then wrote the rest. The the Prophet ﷺ said to write, ‘As determined by Muhammad Rasoolullah’. Then again Suhail intervened. If we agree that he is the Messenger of Allah, then what is the problem between us? So you can’t write like that. The reason why we say that the Muslims should not come to the Ka’aba because we do not believe in his prophethood. So write according to our belief; ‘Muhammad, son of Abdullah’ . Then the Prophet ﷺ asked to Ali to correct the part. Ali said, “It is not possible for me, O Prophet ﷺ.” It can also be seen in the report of Muhammad bin Umar.
Usayd bin Hudair and Sa’ad bin Ubadah held Ali’s hand. They insisted that the expression “Messenger of Allah” should not be omitted. Otherwise, they said, let the swords decide the matter. With that, the scene became noisy again. The Prophet ﷺ gestured to them . Everyone was asked to be calm. With that, the companions became silent. Then he said to Ali, show me the written part . The Prophet ﷺ corrected the part with his own hands as Muhammad ,son of Abdullahi. The believers felt great pain in writing that, ‘if anyone from the Quraish came to the Muslims, they should not be accomodated and if any of the believers went to the Quraish, they would not be sent back. Should we leave those who have accepted our ideals to the enemies? The companions were asking again with concern. Anyway, let’s sign the agreement. The Prophet ﷺ said.
In the hadith quoted by Imam Ahmad, Abdullah ibn Mugaffal says . After the treaty was signed, 30 youths came suddenly against the Muslims. They were armed. The Prophet ﷺ prayed for protection. Allah troubled the sight and hearing of those who came. With that, the companions caught them. Presented before the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ asked, have you come on someone’s bail? They said ‘no’. They were released on the instructions of the Prophet ﷺ. This is mentioned in the 24th verse of Surat al-Fath.
This is also seen in a statement from Anas. On the day of Hudaibiyah, 80 armed men targeted the Prophet ﷺ. They were Meccans. They came from Tan’eem. The Prophet ﷺ immediately prayed for security. They retreated and the scene calmed down.
There is also a narration of Ibn Jarir to be read here. One of the Prophet’s ﷺ followers, known as Ibn Sunaym, climbed the hill on the day of Hudaybiyyah. Someone from the Quraish killed that follower. Immediately upon knowing this, the Prophet ﷺ sent a group in that direction. They brought 12 horsemen from the polytheists before the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ asked them, “Do you have any agreement to remind me?” ‘no’ . Hearing this answer, the Prophet ﷺ also released them.

Mahabba Campaign Part-421

The companions were relieved when they heard that they could come and perform Umrah next year. The Prophet ﷺ accepted that condition by submitting everything to Allah. Before the contract was completed, someone appeared there. It was none other than Abu Jandal. Abu Jandal (R) was the son of Suhail who was writing the contract with the Prophet ﷺ from the enemy’s side. Abu Jandal was a man who accepted Islam in Makkah, and because of it, suffered all the beatings and tortures of his enemies, including his father, and did not even allowed to migrate to Madina, but was chained and imprisoned. Somehow he managed to break the chains and escape the eyes of the enemies, and reached Hudaybiyya where the Prophet ﷺ was writing the contract. It must be said that Abu Jandal came and fell before the Muslims.
Father Suhail hit his son hard on the face when he saw him. Then Suhail said to the Prophet ﷺ: ‘Behold, this is my son. It is upon him that this contract shall be applied first. I want him back. This is the first step in our decision. So it should be implemented soon.’ Then the Prophet ﷺ said to Suhail: ‘Suhail, haven’t we just started writing the contract; It is not finished.’ Hearing this, Suhail got angry. If this is the case, I will not go ahead with this agreement. So Suhail stopped writing the contract and prepared to leave. The Prophet ﷺ again requested Suhail whether he would grand an exemption only in the case of Abu Jandal. He insisted that he would never agree. At the end, the Prophet ﷺ had to agree and Abu Jandal was sent back.
Abu Jandal lamented that he was being handed over to the polytheists. He showed the Muslims the scars and wounds of brutal torture all over his body. At that time the Prophet ﷺ comforted him: ‘Abu Jandal! Be patient and expect to be rewarded. Indeed, Allah is the One who will provide you with a solution and a way out. Allah will show a way to you and all the oppressed people like you who are oppressed by enemies in Makkah.’
When he saw Abu Jandal weeping and returning from there, Umar approached the Prophet ﷺ. He asked why we should yield our religion so much to the enemy and wait till next year to perform Umrah.
Documents were written and handed over to each other.
Then the Prophet ﷺ ordered his followers to stand up and sacrifice and shave their heads. Because now they are in Ihram. One has to shave his head at the culmination of Umrah. But no one wakes up. They cannot get up because of their grief. Because Abu Jandal was sent back to Makkah in a very pitiable condition. The Prophet ﷺ repeated three times. The Prophet ﷺ was also troubled. The companions realized that they were in a condition where they could not accept anything because of their distress. Knowing that it is not disobedience, not knowing what to do, the Prophet ﷺ went to his wife Ummu Salama and shared the grief. Then Ummu Salama told a trick to the Prophet ﷺ: ‘ Oh Prophet ﷺ you stand up first and slaughter the sacrificial animal without compelling anyone. Call the barber as well and let him remove your hair.’ The Prophet ﷺ did accordingly. With that, everyone got up and they shaved each other’s heads.

The Prophet ﷺ prayed there three times for those who shaved their heads and one time for those whose hair was cut short. Through this, the Prophet ﷺ taught his Companions that shaving the head when leaving Ihram is more rewarding.

Mahabba Campaign Part-422

The Prophet ﷺ and his followers slaughtered the sacrificial animals. The Prophet ﷺ sacrificed 70 camels. Many sacrificial animals were shared by more than one person.
The Prophet stayed at Hudaibiyya for nineteen or twenty days. There is also an opinion that it was a month or more.
Even though the agreement was signed and they were exempted from Umrah, it was very difficult for the believers to return from there. Their minds sobed like children. They were sick of returning without being able to see the Holy House.
It may seem that the truce at Hudaybiyya was a defeat for the Muslims. At the first stage, the believers also wondered why they should yield to them. But because of this, the prophet ﷺ could see the good things that would happen later. Apparently we have many advantages to read in it. The important thing is that there should be no war for ten years. The door was thus opened to interact and cooperate with each other without theft or fraud. Freedom for both groups to preach their religion. There was no hindrance in trade relations or trade journeys. Everyone was free to ally himself with any party. Many who had been estranged for a long time opened up opportunities to get closer
The Prophet ﷺ and his followers returned to Madinah after the most amazing treaty in the history of the world. This was the policy adopted by the Prophet ﷺ to be ready to go to the extreme end to avoid war and bloodshed. The Prophet ﷺ especially wanted that there should never be a war in the Holy Land .The Prophet ﷺ was ready for all these compromises when he was accompanied by a group of fighters who were willing to do anything.
Leaving Hudaibiyya the Prophet ﷺ and his group started their journey and rested for a while in an area called Marru Lahran. Then he moved to Asfan. From there he did the necessary things to collect food. By that time the followers complained of the power of hunger. They sought permission to slaughter the camel for meat and its ghee and leather for other purposes . At first , the Prophet ﷺ allowed it. By that time, Umar approached the Prophet ﷺ. Some of the possible side effects of such consent were discussed. He opined that ‘perhaps if we had to face the enemy we would face a crisis’. The Prophet ﷺ accepted his opinion.
All were asked to bring the food they had. All the resources were gathered together in one place and the Holy Prophet ﷺ offered the blessing prayer. Amazingly the resources increased. Everyone in the group of 1400 people ate to their satisfaction. The Prophet ﷺ smiled with happiness and said that everyone who meets Allah, believing that there is no god but Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah, will be safe from Hell.
Again the group moved forward. It rained well. They became happy. They drank the pure water that came down from the sky. The Prophet ﷺ addressed the people from where he was camping. By that time, three small groups came towards the Prophet ﷺ. Two groups came to the Prophet ﷺ. A group turned back and walked away. The Prophet ﷺ explained about these three groups. A section blushed. Allah was ashamed of them too. The next group repented. Allah accepted their repentance. The third turned away. Allah ignored them.

Mahabba Campaign Part-423

Imam Baihaqi quotes from Urwa. On the way back from Hudaibiyyah someone asked, what victory is this? We could not enter Makkah or perform our worship. The Prophet ﷺ immediately responded after hearing this conversation. What kind of talk is this ? How bad is this ? What greater victory can we have? The polytheists have sent us back safely from their land. They are willing to speak with us and come to terms with us. They have seen many things from us that frighten them. Oh dear ones, you have received a reward from Allah and returned safely to your country.
What else do we have to conquer? Have you forgotten the day of Uhud? Don’t you remember the battle of Ahzab ? The days when we were attacked from all sides. Enemies who came to destroy us. The moments when many thought that Allah and Rasool are not helping them . At last you realized Allah and His Messenger.
The journey progressed through many such moments and conversations. Umar says. On the way back from Hudaibiyya, I asked the Prophet ﷺ three things. He had no response. Then I got scared. Did I ask rudely? Did I trouble the prophet ﷺ ? Will any Qur’anic verses be revealed about me now? Will something untoward happen to me? Just then an announcement from the Prophet ﷺ comes. I thought the Qur’an had revealed something about me. But this is what he said then.
‘Here is a verse that gives me the most happiness, more than this world and what is in it’. After saying this, the Prophet ﷺ recited the first part of the forty-eighth chapter of Al-Fatah of the Holy Qur’an. The idea can be read as follows: “Surely We have given them a clear victory. This is to forgive you all the mistakes that have come and will come, to fulfill the blessings of Allah for you perfectly, and to guide you on the straight path”.
About the occasion of revelation of the above verses we have different reports to read. The contents of all reports are almost same . When the companions were disillusioned and wondering whether this return was a victory, the words that, “it was a great victory” gave them great relief. They were able to enjoy the said victory soon. This became an event where the prophet’s ﷺ foresight and honesty could be convinced once again. The Prophet ﷺ and his followers reached Madinah relieved and hopeful of success.

Mahabba Campaign Part-424

The Qur’an itself directly mentions Hudaibiyya and related victories. From the beginning of the forty-eighth chapter, the idea of ​​the twenty verses may be read as follows.
“Surely We have given you a clear victory. This is to forgive all your past and future mistakes, to fully fulfill the blessings of Allah for you, to guide you to the straight path, and to give you the best help. It is Allah who has sent peace into the hearts of the believers, thereby increasing their faith. To Allah belong the hosts of the heavens and the earth. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. This is done so that believing men and women will enter the heavenly abodes where rivers flow from below as eternal dwellers and to wipe away their sins from them. This is a great victory in the sight of Allah. This is to punish the men and women who are hypocrites and polytheists.They are the ones who have bad thoughts about Allah. There is a circle of evil around them. Allah is angry with them. And they are cursed. Hell is prepared for them. What a bad shelter it is! . To Allah belong the hosts of the heavens and the earth. Allah is the Exalted and the Executor of things wisely . Verily; We have appointed you as witnesses and bearers of glad tidings and warners, so that you may believe in Allah and His Messenger. To support you. To show respect to you and glorify Allah in the morning and in the evening. Verily, those who swear by themselves are swearing by Allah. Over their hands is the hand of Allah. So whoever violates it, the evil consequences are his own. Whoever fulfills his covenant with Allah, He will give him a great reward. The rural Arabs who turned away would say to you : “Our property and our own people have made us busy. So pray to Him to forgive us our sins.” They speak with their tongues what is not in their hearts. Ask: “If Allah intends to harm or benefit you, who is able to prevent them for you? Allah is well aware of what you do.” But that is not the point; You thought that the Messenger of God and the believers would never return to their families.And that feeling became a charm to your hearts. You have a very bad idea. You are a people who are utterly lost. For the disbelievers who disbelieve in Allah and His Messenger, We have prepared a burning hell-fire . To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He forgives whom He wills. And He will punish whomever He wills. Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Surely Allah is pleased with the believers when they swore to you beneath the tree. Then Allah knows what is in their hearts. So he gave them peace of mind and rewarded with imminent victory. Allah has promised you abundant war property. But Allah has already given it to you. And He has restrained the hands of the people from you. This is a sign for the believers. And guide you on the right path.

Mahabba Campaign Part-425

Madinah passes through the period after the Hudaybiyya Treaty. The main part of the agreement is ‘not to accept believers who come from Makkah to Madinah’. A believer named Abu Basir come to Madinah. The Quraish decided to take him back to Makkah. Accordingly, Akhnas bin Shariq along with Azhar bin Abd Awf wrote a letter to the Prophet ﷺ. He asked Khunais bin Amir and his attendant sent them to Madinah. The content of the letter was that the Muslims should send Abu Basir with them according to the agreement. The two Quraish representatives came to the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet’s ﷺ request to Abu Basir was to go with the Quraish according the agreement. He pitifully asked, ‘why I being a believer, was being handed over to the unbelievers’. The Prophet ﷺ sent him, assuring him that you need not fear. Allah will show you a way. It was necessary for the Prophet ﷺ to keep the contract and behave honestly. Despite the pain of handing a believer over to the enemy, the Prophet ﷺ was protecting a more important value. The Prophet’s ﷺ followers were also pained to face such a situation.
In any case, they left with Abu Basir. On reaching Dhul-Hulaifah, while the three were eating dates, Abu Basir looked at the sword in the hand of one of the two men who came to pick them up and said. It is a very bright sword, so let me take a look at it. The man gave his sword to Abu Basir. Abu Basir killed that man when he got the sword in his hand. Seeing this, the second one ran away. He went to Madinah and sought refuge. He met the Prophet ﷺ and shared the matter . It was not long before, Abu Basir also reached there. He argued that the Prophet ﷺ had fulfilled his duty and kept the contract because he had sent him back. He again requested permission to stay there. But the Prophet ﷺ did not accept it. He went straight to Seeful Bahr. The Prophet ﷺ prophesied that Abu Basir’s group would grow there and it would cause a lot of trouble for the Meccans. Abu Jantal, who had been sent back earlier, also arrived there. Many converts from Makkah joined Abu Basir’s group because they could not reach Madinah. Growing up as a group, they began to attack the Quraish trade groups that passed through.
When the trade route was disrupted, the Quraish thought of a solution. They considered the agreement made with the Muslims to be a setback for them. Although they apparently wrote against Muslims, it has now become difficult for them. Finally they asked the Prophet ﷺ himself to withdraw from the agreement. They said that those who come as believers should be accepted in Madinah, otherwise they will get lost . They humbly asked the Prophet ﷺ to honor this request for the sake of his Quraish family. At this point , the compatriots were very happy. They realised why the Prophet ﷺ agreed on such conditions. The Prophet ﷺ accepted the request of the Quraish . The 24th verse of Al-Fatah chapter mentions this scene, “And it is Allah who withheld their hands from you and your hands from them in the heart of Makkah – when He had given you victory over them. And Allah is All-Seeing of all that you do.”
In this case too, the Prophet ﷺ treated his enemies with mercy.
Narrating this incident, Imam Ibn Kathir wrote in his book Al Bidaya Vannihaya: Following the complaint of the polytheists of Makkah, the Prophet ﷺ wrote a letter to Abu Jandal and Abu Basir as follows: ‘Both of you come to Madinah. Let those who are with you go back to their own country and join their families. Don’t fight against any of the Quraish and any merchant who passes by’ … Imam Ibnu Kathjr continues: Thus, when the Prophet ﷺ wrote them asking to return what they had taken from the Quraish , they returned it all without taking even a camel’s rope.

Mahabba Campaign Part-426

After Hudaybiyah, there was an expedition called the “Gaba” military operation. The Prophet’s ﷺ camels were grazing under the supervision of Darbin Abudar. Uyaina bin Hisn, a member of the Fazari tribe, killed the shepherd under cover of darkness, captured the camels, and took the shepherd’s wife captive. The Prophet’s ﷺ attendant came running at the time of the morning prayer after hearing this information. Salamat bin Al Akwa’u was informed. He immediately climbed a hill in Madinah and announced. Upon hearing the announcement, the Companions and their vehicles reached the Prophet ﷺ. Mikhadad bin Amr was the first to come to the Prophet ﷺ. The call of “Ya Khailallahi Irkabi” rang out in the air. The idea behind this slogan was to prepare the horses of Allah. Soon Abbad bin Bishr also arrived there. When many companions arrived, the Prophet ﷺ appointed Sa’ad bin Za’id as their leader. The flag was tied on the spear that Mikadad had. Then the Prophet ﷺ sent this group away. The Prophet ﷺ asked them to go ahead and he will be coming behind.
When wednesday dawned, the Prophet ﷺ was ready to leave. Abdullahibn Ummi Maktoum was entrusted with the responsibility of Madinah. A group of 300 men under the leadership of Sa’ad bin Ubadah was entrusted with the protection of Madinah. Wearing an iron helmet, the Prophet ﷺ moved forward with the group. When night fell, he reached Salama’s group. As soon as they saw the Prophet’s ﷺ group coming, the enemies were afraid. By the time they reached the battle ground of Di Qarad, they saw a man lying there covered in blankets. It wasn’t long before Abu Bakr and Umar came running. Looked removing the blanket. That’s was Masada who was lying on the blanket. Immediately they sounded the takbeer. By morning, Abu Qatada came . The Prophet ﷺ, received him enthusiastically and blessed him; “May Allah make you successful”. Abu Qatatada, the leader of the cavalry, the Prophet ﷺ again prayed for him. The Prophet ﷺ applied his saliva on his injured face and patted him with his holy hands. The Prophet ﷺ again prayed for him, saying, “Bless the hair and the body of Abu Qatada.” Even at the time of his demise at the age of 70, he still had the beauty of a 15-year-old.
The Muslim group defeated the enemy. Half of the seized assets were recovered. A flag of the Prophet ﷺ with the name, “Uqab” was used. “Amith, Amith” was the code used by the Muslim army. On that day, the Prophet ﷺ and his followers performed prayer in the manner of prayer during the stages of fear.
Stayed for two more days in an area called Di Qarada. It was to monitor military movements. A statement made by the Prophet ﷺ that day is as follows. “Abu Qatada is the best horseman in our company and Salama was the best cavalry . After five days of absence, the Prophet ﷺ and his companions reached Madinah on Monday. Gaba military operation is known after the name ‘Gaba’ which means forest. A special platform for the Prophet ﷺ to stand at the time Friday sermon and other talks, was made of wood from the site of this incident.

Mahabba Campaign Part-427

It has been about 20 days since the Prophet ﷺ returned from Hudaibiyya. He set out for Khiber, bearing in mind many political situations. The Qur’anic verse, which states that ‘henceforth is the time of war property’ , was revealed before reaching Madinah from Hudaybiyya. This idea is conveyed in the 20th verse of Al-Fathah chapter. However, the Prophet ﷺ warned that only those who are ready to fight on the path of truth should come with and no one should come with only wealth as their goal.
Anas reports. When the Prophet ﷺ intended to leave for Khaibar, he said to Abu Talha; ‘Please look for someone who will assist me during the journey . Anas says I also traveled with Abu Twalha . Wherever the Prophet ﷺ dismounted , I will reach for care. I heard the Prophet ﷺ perform a special prayer during those days;. “Allahumma innee audu bika minal hammi wal hazan…… This prayer is asking Allah to protect us from stress, fatigue, miserliness, cowardice, unbearable debt and weakness.
Numailabin Abdullah Alaizi was put in charge of Madinah. The Prophet ﷺ started his journey .
Among the wives, Ummu Salama was with him.
The believers in Madinah spoke to the Jews about the Prophet’s ﷺ journey to khaibar. They said that there the Jews will be wiped out completely and then it will affect the Jews in Madinah as well. On hearing this, the Jews began to withdraw all the property that the Muslims had borrowed from them.
The Prophet ﷺ traveled with about 1400 followers to Khaiber, a distance of 70 miles from Madinah. The Jews who had left Madinah and those who did not, centred there and were plotting against Islam camping there. As their dream did not succeed in Ahzab, they were waiting for another chance with more increased power.
When they heard that the Prophet ﷺ and his followers were coming to khaibar in such a situation, they waited for battle. They wished they could face the Muslims and defeat. But the closer the Muslims get to the Khaiber, the more fearful they become. One day when they were in the farm, the Prophet ﷺ reached there. Noticing this arrival, they panicked and entered their fort. The Jews with 2000 soldiers hid in six fortresses.
There was no other option but to besiege the forts based on the observation that if they were allowed to grow further and there would be an attack on Madinah.
The Muslim army besieged the forts of Khaiber. The Jews were not ready for any kind of truce. The Prophet ﷺ addressed his Companions as there was no other option but to face it. He exhorted them about the importance of Dharma struggle . The Prophet ﷺ convinced them that such moves were to establish the ultimate truth beyond temporal interests and to defend those who stood in the way of the right path.
There was a concern about how long they could stay so far away from Medina. The Jews believed that if they were to stay outside the fort for a few days, the Muslims would return to Madinah.
The Prophet ﷺ and his main followers were aware of the future if such a large armed group was allowed to grow. They observed that it would be more dangerous to proceed without a decision. But how to storm this fort? A large army and strong forts became a big question mark before the problems. The Prophet ﷺ consulted his followers. In any case, the companions agreed to eliminate the threat of the enemy. But now it has come to the discussion of whose leadership and what action will be taken.

Mahabba Campaign Part-428

We have to know more about the travel routes the Prophet ﷺ took to Khaibar. Souban the companion says. At the time of Khaibar, the Prophet ﷺ called Bilal and said, “If there are sick or tired people, tell them to return . Bilal informed. A person traveling without following this instruction died on the way. When his body was brought, the Prophet ﷺ asked what had happened to him. They described what had happened. Then the Prophet ﷺ asked Bilal; ‘Did you not announce what I told you to announce’ ? Bilal replied, ‘yes’. The Prophet ﷺ refused to pray over the deceased. Then Bilal was told to convey one more announcement. It was like this . ‘Those who break the commandments will not get heaven’. Bilal proclaimed it three times.
Muhammad bin Umar narrated: We were with the Prophet ﷺduring the journey to Khaibar. We noticed someone walking ahead of us. Something shining brightly in front of him. Probably something in the shape of a shiny egg. The Prophet ﷺ enquired. It was Abu Aws bin Jabr. The Prophet ﷺ instructed to produce him. Accordingly he was brought. He said . ‘I wondered if some message had come down from heaven about me’. The Prophet ﷺ asked him why he was traveling before others ? Leaving early without traveling with his friends? He said. ‘My vehicle is a good one’ . Then the Prophet ﷺ asked, where is the shawl that I presented to you?.
I sold it for eight dirhams. Bought travel materials for two dirhams. I gave two dirhams for household expenses. Then I bought this blanket for four dirhams. Hearing this, the Prophet ﷺ smiled. Then said, your poor friends …. I swear by my Sustainer! If you escape and live for a while, your possessions will increase, your family income will increase, your attendants and dirhams will increase, but it may not be good for you’. Abu Aws says. Things happened just as the Prophet ﷺ had said.
Suwaidu Bin Nu’man says . We came with the Prophet ﷺ to an area called Sahba’a near Khaibar. From there we prayed Asr. Then when the Prophet ﷺ asked for food, there was only food called Saveek..a dish made of wheat and tohina. The Prophet ﷺ ate with us . Then when it was time for Maghrib, he cleaned his mouth and entered into prayer. Then ablution S or Wuzu was not performed for prayer. The message is that you need not to renew your ablution just because you have eaten.
There are certain peculiarities in quoting such instances from the Prophet’s ﷺ life . The days and nights of the Prophet’s ﷺ life were shaped by the deeds, rituals and instructions of Islam. Allah has appointed the Prophet ﷺ to teach the laws of fate through practice. Therefore, his deeds, rests, sound and silence will all have the characteristics of law formation and establishment. The Prophet’s ﷺ life is the application of the Qur’an which has become a model for the world. The Prophet ﷺ did not come to interpret the Qur’an only with words. The mission was to be performed by deeds and sometimes by silence. The Prophet ﷺ performed it beautifully.
Muhammad bin Umar continues. The Prophet ﷺ performed the Isha prayer also with the companions . Then the guides were called . Hussain Bin Kharija: Abdullah bin Nuaim and others came to the scene. He gave them the necessary instructions.

Mahabba Campaign Part-429

The Prophet ﷺ said to Husail who was in charge of showing the way. “You walk infront of us and walk through the center of the valley. We have to go between Syria and Khaiber,” They went forward for distance and reached a place where many paths converge . Husail said. We have reached a point where many paths converge. The Prophet ﷺ urged him to tell the names of those roads. Accordingly he mentioned the names of each path. When the names of “Hatwib, Husn and Shash” were mentioned, the Prophet ﷺ was not satisfied. The meaning of none of these mentioned names was acceptable for the Prophet ﷺ . What is the name of the next road. The Prophet ﷺ enquired. ‘Marhab’. Let’s travel on that road. The Prophet ﷺ saw it as an auspicious name meaning ‘welcome’.
Traveled for some distance and began to see the forts of Khiber. When he saw the forts, the Prophet ﷺ told his followers to stop and started praying from there. “O! One Who creates and maintains the seven heavens as a canopy! The One Who created the earth as a spread! He who directs the wind! He who controls even the misguided devil! We long for the good from this village, grant us, we seek protection from the destruction from this village”. Then the Prophet ﷺ instructed his followers to go forward in the name of Allah.
The group moved on and reached the house belonging to Zaid bin Thabit in the market place of Khaiber. The Prophet ﷺ slept there for some time during the night. The Jews thought that the Muslims would not be ready for a confrontation anyway. They had so much power and weaponry. But the Prophet’s ﷺ dependence was not limited on material benefits. Islam strived for maintaining the ultimate truth. By the time dawn approached, everyone had performed the morning prayer. Then the Prophet ﷺ got into the vehicle. The followers also moved ahead in vehicles. Anas says, ‘I was traveling in the back seat of Abu Twalha’s vehicle.
We can read in some narrations that on the day of Khaibar, the Prophet ﷺ was on a donkey with a mat woven of palm fibers.
Muhammad bin Umar narrates. Ibnul Mundir approached the Prophet ﷺ and asked. O Prophet ﷺ, we are now near the enemy’s fortress. There is nothing to say if our camping and staying here is according to the command of Allah. If I have the opportunity to comment on that, I have to say. The Prophet ﷺ said, “There is an opportunity to comment, Tell me”. We are now very close to the enemy, within range of their archery. It doesn’t seem very safe to stay here. At night they may attack us. It would be better for us to move to a safer place and camp. The Prophet ﷺ welcomed this opinion. It is also the scene of a noblest example of how a leader should listen to followers and consider their opinions.
The Prophet ﷺ asked Muhammad bin Maslama to find a safe place. Accordingly, a safe place was found and the Prophet ﷺ was taken there. Then the Prophet ﷺ blessed him once again .
The Prophet ﷺ invited his followers to some diplomatic discussions.

Mahabba Campaign Part-430

Imam Tabrani quotes from Jabir. The Prophet ﷺ told his followers. “You don’t wish to face enemy. Pray to Allah for safety. We do not know how Allah will test us through enemies. If you have to face them inevitably, you should pray like this. “O Allah, You are the Protector of us and our enemies. It is under Your control we and the enemies . You have to deal with them”. Then you stand firm. If they surround you, then you must face them. Praise the glory of Allah and chant the Takbeer.
Then the Prophet ﷺ handed over the flags. The flag with the inscription denoting the meaning, ‘Conquered’. Sa’ad bin Ubada, Ali bin Abi Talib and Hubab bin Mundir were the other flag bearers. ‘Mansoor Amith’ was the special phrase used by the Muslim army at that time.
The Prophet ﷺ inspired his followers to defend with arms and stand patiently. Accordingly, “Naim” fort was besieged first. The Prophet ﷺ also stood with the army. Many times the followers asked the Prophet ﷺ to stay away from the crowd. But the Prophet ﷺ refused. After fighting until the evening, he finally returned to the safe area he had been earlier.
In the meantime, many of the Companions became sick and tired. The reason was climate and food . The Prophet ﷺ prescribed a cure for them ; Pour the cool water stored in the leather pot between the two Azans on the body reciting the name of Allah. They acted according to the instruction and got rid of fatigue.
Among the forts that the Jews had in Khaiber, the fort of Swab bin Muad bin Natwa kept the most supplies. There were about 500 soldiers inside it.
Ka’abu bin Umair says: The siege of Swab fort was very difficult. The fort was under siege for three days without food. Then we saw a Jew coming through the back door of the fort with sheep. Who will get it? I ran like a deer. The Prophet ﷺ prayed for the success of my attempt. I came back holding two lambs. It was then cooked and served among the group. That food was enough for everyone to eat well. Abu Yasar was asked how many people were there? He replied that there were many people.
It is an another example of getting food in a supernatural way as it has been in many other cases. Being able to feed an entire army with a small quantity of food, is one of the blessings bestowed upon the Prophet ﷺ.
Says Mu’atibu, of Aslam tribe. We starved for more than a day when we besieged the forts of Khaiber. Finally they sent Aslam bin Haritha to the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ received them, listened to their grievances and prayed for them. Then he said, “Now I have nothing to give you. I understand your situation. O Allah, give them the most resourceful fort . After the Prophet’s ﷺ prayer, they returned to the group. It was not long before they conquered the fort. They got the resources as needed.

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