The biography of Prophet Muhammad – Month 16

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The biography of Prophet Muhammad – Month 16

Mahabba Campaign Part-461

Abu Sufiyan thought of ways to reach near the Prophet ﷺ. Must reach there to have a conversation for safety . But the Prophet ﷺ had a larger army than he expected. He shared matter with his friends. Ishaq bin Rahawayhi (R) narrates. Ibn Abbas (R) said. When the Prophet ﷺ reached the place called Marru Lahran, Abbas (R) had a plan in his mind; something to be done in favor of the Quraish. His love for them was then in his heart. What would happen to the Meccans if the Prophet ﷺ and his followers suddenly entered Mecca, Abbas(R) thought. Abbas himself says. ‘ I got on the “Sahaba” , the vehicle of Prophet ﷺ. Wanted to reach Mecca slowly like a person traveling to get some needs. I wanted to share things with the notables of Mecca to ensure some kind of security . This was my goal. I moved forward. When I reached the region of Arak, I heard Abu Sufiyan’s voice. Budail was also there. On seeing Abbas (R), both of them recited the sentence recited at the time of danger. When I called him Abu Hanzala, he recognized my voice. Abu Sufiyan greeted me as Abul Fazal . Abu Sufiyan asked me. What is going on? What to do next? I said. The Prophet ﷺ has come here with an army of ten thousand soldiers of Allah. Hey, Abbas(R) do you have any idea? I said ‘yes’. Get in this vehicle of mine. Let’s leave now. Go to the Prophet ﷺ and seek refuge. Otherwise you will not be saved when Mecca is conquered. Abu Sufiyan got into Abbas’s vehicle and sat in the back seat. Abbas (R) moved forward.
Abbas continues. In all the paths I passed there were places where the companions sitting by fire . Every time we pass through each place, they notice who is passing . When they saw that it was the vehicle of the Prophet ﷺ and that his paternal uncle was on top of the vehicle, they no longer chased. When I passed by Umar (R), he looked at me. The vehicle and the person have been identified. Later, when he realized who was behind me , Umar got angry. O enemy of Allah !. By that time I was speeding the vehicle. Umar (R)was running behind us . We entered the tent of the Prophet ﷺ. Immediately Umar (R) came there. He kept saying. ‘Here is the enemy of Allah in our reach without any covenant or agreement. Leave him down here and let me decide his case. Immediately Abbas (R) said, “Cool down Umar (R)… calm down.” I said to the Prophet ﷺ. Here is Abu Sufiyan seeking safety. Umar (R)told Abbas (R). ‘I have great respect for you. I am more happier in your acceptance of Islam than my father Khatab accepting Islam. I know that the Prophet ﷺ would have pleased more when you came to Islam. The happiness of the Holy Prophet ﷺ makes us the happiest.
There is also some more details in another report . Narrated by Abbas (R). ‘I said to the Prophet ﷺ. ‘I stand surety for Abu Sufiyan, Budayl and Hakim bin Hizam, O Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ said, let them come in . They spent a good part of the night with the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ introduced them to Islam.Hakim and Budayl recited the ‘Shahada’ and came to Islam.Abu Sufiyan refused to declare.

The Prophet ﷺ again invited Abu Sufiyan to Islam. Then he asked. What shall I do with Latha and Uzza? Hearing this, Umar (R) said from outside. If you were outside the tent I could show you what to do. The Prophet ﷺ asked who is he speaking from outside. Abbas (R) said, It is Umar (R). The Prophet ﷺ said to Abbas. Now you go for the time being. Travel very carefully. Come back in the morning…

اَللّٰهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى سَيِّدِنٰا مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِهِ وَصَحْبِهِ وَسَلِّمْ

Mahabba Campaign Part-462

It was time for the morning prayer. The Azan was heard. All who heard Azan uttered same words . By this time, Abu Sufiyan was scared. He did not know exactly what the verses were being recited . He asked Abbas, ‘what he was seeing and hearing. What are they doing?’ . They are going to start prayer. Prayer is obligatory five times every day and night. They are ready to do it. Abu Sufiyan glanced at the group. The Prophet ﷺ has come to perform ablution . All the followers gathered around. They do not allow the water of his vuzu to fall on the ground. They receive it in their hands. They apply it to their body for blessings. Abu Sufiyan said seeing this sight. ‘I have never seen any king like this in the world. Even Kisra or Kaiser’.
Abbas says. By the time the morning prayer of the Prophet was over, I reached there early. Abu Sufiyan sought permission to meet the Prophet ﷺ.
Abi Shaiba’s report is as follows. When it was time for the morning prayer, the companions gathered. Abu Sufiyan asked Abbas when he saw their preparations .’ Have they received any order to confront me? What are they all getting ready for?’ I said they are getting ready for prayer. We came to the Prophet ﷺ . The Prophet ﷺ got ready to pray. Hearing the takbeer, the followers also imitated. The believers followed the Prophet ﷺ by performing each act of prayer standing behind. Abu Sufiyan said when he saw that every act of the prayer was imitated in an orderly manner. ‘I have never seen in Rome or Persia or any other place any followers obeying a leader obeyed like this. O Abul Fazl !, your brother’s son is indeed the most exalted king, a greater king than the rulers of Rome and Persia. Then Abbas said. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is not just a king. Messenger of Allah. He is a prophet appointed by Allah.
After the prayer was finished, the Prophet ﷺ faced Abu Sufiyan and started talk. ‘Have you not yet been able to realize that there is no one worthy of worship but Allah ?. How could I not understand it? Because if the god I believed in would have helped me, I would have won it today. The fact that they have won in every field and reached the great victory today is proof that the God they believe in is true’. Abu Sufiyan responded. Then the Holy Prophet ﷺ asked Abu Sufiyan. ‘Are you still not convinced that I am the Messenger of Allah’? Your patience, mercy and compromise are so wonderful. How can we not accept you. But there is still something left for me to think about. Immediately Abbas intervened. He said ‘if you want salvation, believe now’ . Then he recited the ‘Shahada’ and became a Muslim. But Muhammad bin Umar and Ibn Uqba quoted that Abu Sufiyan accepted Islam before such an occasion.
Through the intervention of Abu Bakar, the Prophet ﷺ offered protection to Abu Sufiyan and those who entered Abu Sufiyan’s house and to Hakim and those who entered his house. The followers were given that information before entering Mecca. The Prophet ﷺ ordered not to disturb those who sit inside their house after closing the door. Full security was also promised to those who entered the Holy Masjid. The Prophet ﷺ had insisted that there should be no bloodshed in Mecca in any way.

Mahabba Campaign Part-463

The Holy Prophet ﷺ and his followers began to enter the heart of Mecca . After Abu Sufiyan converted to Islam, many of the Companions were concerned about what his actions would be. It was then that he was about to move forward. Abbas blocked him. It was in an area called Maleeq. Abu Sufiyan immediately asked, “Are you going to endanger me?” Cheating is not suitable of prophethood . So we don’t do that. Stay there for a while and watch the army of Allah passing. It was to show how calmly the followers of the Prophet ﷺ entered Mecca.
Each tribe and sub-tribe began to enter in separate groups. The first to come forward was the tribe of Sulaym. They marched under the leadership of Khalid bin Waleed. There were about 900 thousand members. They carried two victory flags and one military flag. The bearer of the military flag was Hajjaj bin Ulat. The other two flags were carried by Abbas bin Mirdas and Khufaf. When they passed near Abu Sufiyan, they sounded the takbeer three times. Abu Sufiyan asked Abbas who are they? ‘Sulaim tribe’, led by Khalid bin Waleed. The next group came right behind. They were a group of 500 led by Zubair bin Awwam. Abu Sufiyan asked who they are. The group led by Zubair. your nephew Zubair ?. ‘Yes’. Who are his companions? They belong to Banu Ghiffar tribe. When they approached Abu Sufiyan, they also recited the Takbeer three times. Abudar al-Ghifari, the chief of the Ghiffar tribe, carried their flag. Next came the Aslam tribe with 400 members.
Buraida and Bin Al Husayb were carrying two flags. They also sounded the Takbeer when they reached near Abu Sufiyan. As they passed, Abbas was asked who they were ?. Abbas introduced their tribe. Right behind them came Banu Ka’ab bin Amr leading 500 members. Their flag was carried by a man named Buzar. When they approached Abu Sufiyan, they sounded the takbeer. Abu Sfiyan asked Abbas who they were. Abbas introduced them. As each tribe was introduced and they joined the group, Abu Sufiyan kept saying, “My loss.” When talking about Banu Ka’ab, he said that they are already in agreement with Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Next came the tribe of Musaina. They were accompanied by a hundred horses, three flags and a thousand members. They too passed in front of Abu Sufiyan reciting the Takbeer. Abbas was asked about the tribe. Still in amazement, he mourned his own loss. Nu’amanu bin Mukhrin Bilal bin al Harith Abdullah bin Amr bin Al Awf carried the flags of the Musaina tribe. The Juhaina tribe came right behind with four flags and 800 members. were carrying the flags. They also came in chanting takbeer. When Abu Sufiyan heard the tribe’s name, he mourned his loss. Next came the Kinana tribe. Abu Waqid was the bearer of their flag. There were 200 members in that group. They also came in chanting Takbeer.

Mahabba Campaign Part-464

Abu Sufiyan commented about the tribe of Banu Bakr; ‘They are of ill-omens and it is because of them that Quraish had to fight the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
The last to enter was the tribe of Ashjau with three hundred members. Their flags were carried by Ma’aqal bin Sinan and Naimu bin Mas’ud. Abu Sufiyan asked ‘who they are’. Abbas mentioned the name of the tribe. They were the most angry with Prophet Muhammad ﷺ?, Abu Sufiyan exclaimed . ‘Allah instilled Islam in their hearts. It is a blessing from Allah’. Abbas replied. Did Prophet Muhammad ﷺ passed here? Abu Sufiyan asked. No, he hasn’t gone yet.. We will see when the Prophet’s ﷺ group comes.
As each group passed by, Abu Sufiyan would ask, “Didn’t those who were with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ arrive?” It was while he was standing there that the Prophet ﷺ entered with two thousand men dressed in armor. A very proud army. A large group of Ansars. Separate flags for each tribe and family. Umar was announcing messages in a louder voice. Some announce it as the day of the Great War while others announce it as the day of great victory . The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ entered Mecca with royal glory on his camel named Qaswa . Abu Bakar and Usaid Hussain were standing on both sides of the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ came in talking to them. Upon noticing, Abbas shouted, “Here comes the Messenger of Allah.” That was Rasulullah… When he saw the noise of the arrival, the obedience of the followers, the preparation of the army and the grandeur of the Prophet’s ﷺ entrance, Abu Sufiyan said, “O Abbas, the son of your brother, comes as the supreme ruler.” Abbas immediately corrected. This is not kingship, this is prophethood. It is not the arrival of the king but the arrival of the Messenger of Allah…
There is an interesting narration like this. The Prophet ﷺ invited Abu Sufiyan to Islam soon after the Prophethood. But he said, ‘I will not believe without seeing a cavalry coming through the valley. Cavalries don’t actually come through the valley . Abu Sufiyan then said what dawned up on him . But now it has become reality.
When Abu Sufiyan saw the arrival of the Prophet ﷺ , he remembered his earlier words . He was surprised that it dawned correctly. Abu Sufiyan was very surprised when Abbas reminded him of that words.
Sa’ad bin Ubada’ s slogan at the time of his entry into Mecca was somewhat extreme; ‘Today is the day of struggle’. Abu Sufiyan asked the Prophet ﷺ pointing the statement of Sa’ad . ‘Aren’t you the most merciful to your people? And what is Sa’ad shouting like this? The Prophet ﷺ said that what Sa’ad said is not agreeable. This is not a day of struggle or Malhama. This is the day of mercy or Marhama. This is not the day of grudge and hatred towards anyone. We did not come to avenge . Today the house of Allah will be glorified greatly . The Quraish will be greatly praised.
The Prophet ﷺ took the flag from Sa’ad for shouting slogans fervently and gave it to his son Qays. He was instructed to shout peaceful slogans. It is also said that the flag bought from Saad’s hand was given to Zubair.
The Prophet ﷺ stepped forward to a survival and success unmatched in history until then or to this day. The Prophet ﷺ entered Mecca in great triumph, assigned to convey true message until the end of the world.

Mahabba Campaign Part-465

Just before entering Mecca, Abbas
said to the Prophet ﷺ. ‘Let me speak to the Meccans first and inform them that they have security . Abbas (R) got on the mule named ‘Shahaba’ and set out for Mecca . Immediately, the Prophet ﷺ said to those near him, ‘call my father back’. One’s uncle is in father’s place, that’s why the Prophet ﷺ said like that. “Call my father quickly. Or my uncle may be killed by the Quraish as Urwat bin Masuood was killed by his tribe. When Urwat invited him to Tawheed, his people killed him, but Abbas refused to come back. He was also worried that what would happen to Abu Sufiyan . It was then that the Prophet ﷺ instructed Abbas not to leave Abu Sufiyan alone. To stay with him and give him a chance to see the arrival of the Muslim groups.
We can read in a narration that Abbas stood with Abu Sufiyan and announced to the Meccans about the arrival of the Prophet ﷺ.
As the believers entered Mecca, Abu Sufiyan also entered Mecca. He announced safety for those who sought refuge in Abu Sufiyan’s house. Then those who heard asked how many people will be accommodated in your house. Then he added. ‘Security is also provided to those who have locked their doors in their own homes. This announcement was made based on the understanding with Abbas. But none of this announcement or message was liked by Hind, Abu Sufiyan’s wife. She was criticizing Abu Sufiyan. She called Abu Sufiyan’s stance cowardice and lamented how sad the situation is.
The Prophet ﷺ and the believers entered Mecca announcing the perfect forgiveness for all. But for the sake of social security and national security, some social miscreants had to be blacklisted. It may be necessary for any society. In some cases it is necessary for administrators to carry out a comprehensive system. The practice of listing and declaring miscreants and traitors is still present in modern societies. We can see unpardonable crimes in front of every administration.
In this way the names of some people were announced and notice was given that if they were found, they should be brought before the law. One was Ibn Qatal. He was in anti-Islamic side. Then he accepted Islam. The Prophet ﷺ named him Abdullah and he reached Madinah. Later, on one of his journeys, he appointed a man from the tribe of Khuza’a for cooking .Ibn Qatal went to a gathering meant for collecting zakat. He went to gathering after asking the attendant to cook food. When he came back, the attendant was found sleeping without cooking food. Ibn Qatal killed the cook and forsake Islam. Later, he started insulting Islam and the prophet ﷺ along with two female singers.
A death sentence was publicly announced against such an anti-social person. If found, it was directed to produce him before law.

Mahabba Campaign Part-466

The Prophet ﷺ put on a military hat and entered Mecca . When the Prophet ﷺ removed it, a man came running and said. ‘Ibn Qatal entered inside the Kis’wa of the holy Ka’aba. The one who informed this was either Abu Barza (R) or Saeed bin Hurayz(R) came and said. Then the Prophet ﷺ said. Execute the death sentence on him. The fact is that he is a criminal who has committed an unforgivable crime. Saeed bin Duaib (R) or Saeed bin Hurayz (R) carried out the said punishment. Abu Qatal had to accept the punishment for the murder he had committed.

Another blacklisted person was Abdullah Bin Sa’ad bin Abi Sarh. He was also a person who left Islam after accepting Islam earlier. Uthman came forward offering security for him. He was given the required security deposit. Later, he came back to Islam and became more aware of the greatness of Islam. Uthman (R) entrusted him with many administrative duties. Finally, he died while prostrating during Subah prayer. He was one of the most intelligent and resourceful among the Quraish.

This second incident gives us some more lessons. Those who were blacklisted were also given ways to escape or get released. The Muslim community had the large heartedness to pardon any criminal to any extent if he repented.
Abu Jahl’s son Ikrimah was another one whose name was mentioned to be executed. But Allah guided him to the right path. He had the opportunity to accept Islam and join the group of the Companions. He was one of the most respected Sahabi notables in later times.

Huwayris bin Nukhaidir was another person who deserved the death penalty on the day of the Mecca victory. He was defiant and used to insult the Prophet ﷺ a lot. He was the one who harassed the Prophet’s ﷺ daughter Zaynab (R) by stabbing her from behind with a stick when she fled to Madinah. He had no sense of remorse or thought of the right path. Muslim representatives reached the house in search of him. The family informed that he was not at home. Ali (R) had a thought that he was at home. Ali (R) expected it and caught the man who was about to escape from the house and executed the punishment.

Ibn Hisham (R) reports that al-Huwayris attacked Abbas (R) when he went to escort Fatimah (R) and Ummu Kulthum (R) to Madinah.
Another person named Mikhyas was blacklisted. Though he accepted Islam but killed one of the Answars. He did such an evil act terming it as revenge for his brother’s murder.But his brother was killed as a result of confusion during a battle. He did such a revenge after receiving the blood money. A Companion named Numaila bin Abdullah (R) executed the punishment on him.

Another person named Habbar was also sentenced to death. He was the one who harassed the Muslims a lot and he was the one who harassed Zaynab (R), the daughter of the Prophet ﷺ on her way to Madinah. That is why she fell to the ground. Her cause of death was recorded as the injury of that day. During the Meccan conquest he professed his faith and sought refuge. The Prophet ﷺ also accepted his forgiveness. The Prophet ﷺ treated them all with a large heart and provided them with facilities.

We have been reading many chapters of compromise and mercy. But those who mislead don’t try to listen, evaluate, or study such moments. Each incident makes us more and more convinced of how humane each and every action of the Prophet ﷺ was.

اَللّٰهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى سَيِّدِنٰا مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِهِ وَصَحْبِهِ وَسَلِّمْ

Mahabba Campaign Part-467

Sarah, the freed slave of Amr bin Hisham was also in the blacklist. She was a singer of the Quraish. Later she went to Medina and accepted Islam. There was no opportunity to sing in Mecca after Badr. When she embraced Islam, the Prophet ﷺ treated her well and gave her a camel and provision for food. Later, she returned to Mecca. Together with Ibn Qatal recited slanderous poetry against the Muslims. It was through her that Hatwib (R) sent the letter. It was the letter that the seized from the garden. She became aware of the facts and re-embraced Islam. She died during the time of Caliph Umar (R).

Hind, the daughter of Utba, was the woman who took an extremely cruel stance towards Islam and the Islamic community and was in the forefront of killing Hamza, the paternal uncle of the Prophet ﷺ. She was also the wife of Abu Sufiyan. On the occasion of the conquest of Mecca, she accepted Islam and the Prophet ﷺ pardoned her .
We have now read a noble example of how even those who were cruel to Muslims were pardoned if they come with a repentant mind. The pardon given by the Prophet ﷺ was unparalleled when the important periods of the official life of the Prophet ﷺ were almost over and when the community was so self-sufficient that it no longer needed anyone’s support. The Holy Prophet ﷺ did not have any material interest from those who were pardoned. Those who criticized the Prophet ﷺ and Islam with tooth and nail throughout their life, but accepted Islam when there was no other way . Even so, the Prophet ﷺ wished for their safety and progress. They were given opportunities to grow and become part of society.
Arnab and Fartana, the attendants and singers of Ibn Qatal, used to sing songs insulting the Prophet ﷺ. One of them was killed and the other accepted Islam and came to the right path.
There was a long line that came to the Prophet ﷺ during the conquest of Mecca. The Holy Prophet ﷺ repeatedly said that there is no revenge and they are all forgiven. “I am making the declaration of my predecessor Prophet Yusuf (A). I have no grudge against you either’. When the Prophet ﷺ asked the Meccans who knew the life and manners of the Prophet ﷺ in his youth what do they expect from this Prophet ﷺ. Their reply was that ‘we expect generosity and compromise’.

The people who yielded to their leaders for the sake of customs, accepted Islam seeing the enlightened life of the Prophet ﷺ. The 40 years of life in Mecca before the declaration of prophethood, was the testimony for the unparalleled personality of the Prophet ﷺ. Those natives could not forget it. So they expected nothing but justice and mercy from such a personality. How much greater would be the glory of that personality if those who tried to defeat with all their weapons, when they sought help when they lost all grip, looked for tenderness and compassion from the prophetic light.

Each section of the study of Seerah contributes to us the best moments to understand the great personality of the Holy Prophet ﷺ.

اَللّٰهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى سَيِّدِنٰا مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِهِ وَصَحْبِهِ وَسَلِّمْ

Mahabba Campaign Part-468

The Muslims arrived at De Tuva near the entrance to the heartland of Mecca. The Prophet ﷺ waited for entire group to arrive and joined his Green Army. The Prophet ﷺ was on his camel named Qaswa.
When the Prophet ﷺ entered Mecca and people received the Prophet ﷺ with all respect. Then the Prophet ﷺ bowed his head humbly remembering Allah and prostrated before Allah. The great success and the large number of followers made the Holy Prophet ﷺ more humble. He kept saying, “The real life is the life of hereafter ” or the meaning is that everything is not obtained with this success. The Prophet ﷺ entered Mecca wearing a black turban. That is how Anas reported in the hadith quoted by Muslim. In the hadith reported by Ayisha (R), it is seen that the Prophet ﷺ entered Mecca at Kadai, an elevated area of ​​Mecca .
Imam Bukhari reports from Ayisha that the Holy Prophet ﷺ used a white flag when entering Mecca. Ibn Ishaq mentions that there was also a black flag called Uqab. When the Prophet ﷺ and his group entered Mecca, when he saw the women of Mecca covering their horses, the Holy Prophet ﷺ smiled at Abu Bakar. The Prophet ﷺ instructed Awam to enter Mecca through Kadai and asked Khalid bin Waleed to enter through the Laitwa side. Khalid was the leader on the right side of the group that was with the Prophet ﷺ. Aslam, Sulaim Giffar, Musaina and Juhaina tribes were all with him. It was the lower area of ​​Mecca . They were instructed to plant the flag closest to the holy Ka’aba. Those who were with the Prophet ﷺ were told to plant their flag at Hujun. It is close to the final resting place of Prophet’s ﷺ wife Khadijah (R), or near the famous tomb of Jannatul Mualla in Mecca.
The Prophet ﷺ had instructed everyone not to take weapons unless the enemies came to fight. But Safwan bin Umayya, Ikrima bin Abi Jahl and Suhail bin Amr formed a group and decided to defend. They gathered at Khandama .The tribesmen of Banubakar and Hudail took arms . This was their oath that under no circumstances would Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his followers be allowed to enter Mecca .
This group directly faced the Muslims led by Khalid. Khalid and his group put up a strong defense. The Quraish were the first to take up arms and start shooting. When there was no other option, Khalid also started resistance. 24 people from the Quraish and four people from the Hudail tribe were killed and the rest fled and they rushed to the top of the mountains. The Muslim group chased them. Their group was completely disintegrated. The Muslim army had some code words on the Mecca Fath day. ”Banu Abdu -Rahman” was the word. Banu Khazraj tribe used the word “Banu Abdullah” and the Hudail tribe used “Banu Ubaydullah”.
All this indicates that such diplomatic systems for modern military groups were familiar to the Muslim society.

Mahabba Campaign Part-469

Zubair and his team reached the place where the flag was planted in Hajun. The Holy Prophet’s ﷺ house was near there.
Two people from Zubair’s group were killed. They had reached near enemy camp after losing their way . Clouds of dust rose on the high land of Makkah. When Prophet ﷺ inquired about that , it was informed that the army led by Khalid was conducting a military defense. Prophet ﷺ instructed Khalid to lay down his arms and informed him to join other Muslim groups.
After entering Makkah calmly, Prophet ﷺ praised Allah while seeing every house in Makkah. When Prophet ﷺ reached the tent which was prepared for him, he asked to his dear companion, Jabir. ‘Jabir , we have to stay here’ ?..
On the day of the victory over Makkah , the Holy Prophet ﷺ was reciting the ‘Al-Fatah’ chapter of the Holy Qur’an in a beautiful style. He was also reciting the ‘Al Nasr’ chapter, which declares victory and help from Allah, as narrated by Imam Tabarani. The idea is: “When Allah’s help and victory come; and when you see the people flocking to Allah’s religion; praise your Lord and seek His forgiveness. Indeed, He is Oft-Exonerating .”

When Prophet ﷺ reached Hujun, his wives, Maimuna and Ummu Salama, were with the Prophet ﷺ. When he was staying in the temporary hut built in Hujun, many people were asking when he would return to his own home where the Prophet ﷺ was born. Then the Prophet ﷺ replied that it has been sold by Aqeel. Or Aqeel, a family member who got possession of the Prophet’s ﷺ house, had sold it. In such a situation, many requested the Prophet ﷺ to stay in some other house in Makkah. But he was not ready. Instead, he continued to live in a temporary home in Hujun. He walked to the Masjid five times and led prayer.

Ummu Hani narrated an experience when the Prophet ﷺ entered Makkah. ‘I was at home in Makkah. Two people came and sought refuge. I sheltered them. After that, Ali came there and demanded to release the two. Then I went to the Prophet ﷺ and shared the news of sheltering two people. I also informed the demand of Ali. Then the Prophet ﷺ said, ‘I have also given refuge to those whom you have given refuge. So they will be safe’. Then the Prophet ﷺ was about to take a bath, and his daughter Fatima prepared screen for him. Then the Prophet ﷺ, prayed eight rak’ahs of Zuha prayer .
She added that Prophet’s ﷺ prayer that day was very simple and short .
These readings make us realize that the prophet’s ﷺ goals were not the protection of self-interests but to establish a great value and save humanity. The humbleness of the Prophet ﷺ on the day of Makkah victory convinces us of these realities.
On this day, Iblis moaned and cried and ran away. We should read this expression as a blow that the companions of darkness received forever. It was a sad day for the devil, for those caught in the devil’s trap.

Mahabba Campaign Part-470

One of the important events during the conquest of Makkah was the conversion of Abu Bakr’s father, Abu Quhafa to Islam . When the Prophet ﷺ and his followers reached the province of Du Tuwa, Abu Quhafa asked his daughter; ‘Can you take me to the top of Mount Abu Qubais? There are different opinions whether the daughter was Asmau or Qariba. The daughter agreed. Accordingly, he reached the top of the hill holding her hand. He asked his daughter what she saw in the valley ?. ‘A thick darkness indicating the coming of a large group’. Abu Quhafa could not see clearly because he was old and had lost his sight. After a while, he asked his daughter again what she was seeing now. The daughter told what she saw. From the description he understood that the horses must have strayed . He returned home with his daughter. In the stampede on the way, someone had taken possession of his daughter’s necklace. Forgetting the sadness of losing the silver necklace, she moved forward with his father. At that time, Holy Prophet ﷺ was in the Masjid. The daughter reached the place where the Prophet ﷺ and Sidheeq were sitting . Abu Bakar informed the Prophet ﷺ. Oh dear Prophet ﷺ, my father Abu Quhafa has come. “Why did you bring him here in his old age? We could have gone there” . Prophet ﷺ responded. Then Prophet ﷺ stroked his bald head. Prophet ﷺ said to him with his hand on his heart. ‘Accept Islam. Attain Salvation’. Soon Abu Quhafa embraced Islam. Abu Bakar was very happy. He praised his sister who brought his father . Even though she had lost her necklace, Abu Bakar specially congratulated her on the joy of converting his father to Islam. Abu Bakar said grabbing his sister’s hand. ‘Expect reward from Allah for the lost necklace’.
Prophet ﷺ specially congratulated Abu Quhafa on becoming a Muslim. According to Imam Ahmad and Ibn Hibban, it was Abu Bakar who came to Prophet ﷺ carrying his aged father. When he saw Abu Quhafa, whose head and beard were completely gray, the Prophet ﷺ instructed him to apply colour except black. Islam does not encourage dyeing .
In the stampede, Abu Quhafa was slightly injured and lost his daughter’s necklace. Abu Bakar found his sister smeared with blood. Then Prophet ﷺ comforted him and gave him the necessary care.
There is also an addition to read here that reveals Abu Bakar’s love for the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ did not see the joy and happiness expected from Abu Bakar at his father’s acceptance of Islam. Prophet ﷺ asked him for the reason. This was the response. Did you wish Abu Talib, your uncle to accept Islam. It was a desire similar to my desire of my father’s conversion to Islam. Abu Bakar explained that he could not rejoice because his desire was fulfilled and Prophet’s ﷺ desire was not fulfilled. Abu Bakar was an embodiment of love. He said; That I have no reason to be happy because what I wished was achieved but what the Prophet ﷺ wished not fulfilled.
It is then Khalid came to the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ asked him. ‘When you were told not to take up arms and not to fight , then why did fight using arms’. Khalid said. ‘O Prophet ﷺ. We maintained maximum self-restraint and went forward despite opposition. But they took up arms and started attacking us. We also had to take up arms when there was no other way . Finally they retreated. We went after them and defeated them. After hearing the explanations, the Holy Prophet ﷺ said. ‘There is no need to chase them anymore. There will be good in what Allah has decreed’. The conversation ended.

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