The biography of Prophet Muhammad – Month 3

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The biography of Prophet Muhammad – Month 3

Mahabba Campaign Part-61/365

Amr bin Abasa (R) is one of the prominent people who accepted Islam at the first stage of the preaching of the Prophet ﷺ. He is from outside Mecca and holds the title of being the first foreigner to accept Islam. In the hadeeth narrated by Imam Muslim(R) , the expression of ‘the fourth of the four in Islam’ can be seen about him also.
When many people accept Islam on the same day, can it be added to the total number of yesterday and applied to everyone? Either it can be so or each one can introduce themselves based on their own knowledge and conviction.
Abu Salam al-Habashi cites that Amr himself has described the circumstances of his coming to Islam. He says. ‘ I already had an idea in my mind that idolatry was meaningless.I shared the idea with some people. Once I was speaking against idolatry. One of the listeners said. It is heard that someone who speaks this idea has entered the scene in Mecca.
I immediately set out to Mecca and searched for the person who came forward to oppose idolatry. It was the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who lives in secret. He can only be seen in person at night. He comes to circumambulate the holy Ka’aba at night. I received this information. A man came in saying ‘La ilaha illallah’. I recognized that it was the Prophet ﷺ. I went near him. Started talking.
I asked. Who are you ?
Prophet ﷺ: I am the Messenger of Allah
Me: What?
Prophet ﷺ: Allah has appointed me to deliver His message to the people.
Me: What message is it assigned to?
Prophet ﷺ: Worship only Allah and do not associate anyone with Him.
Me: Now who has accepted you ?
Prophet ﷺ: One free man and one slave
I immediately wanted to make a pledge , and the Prophet ﷺ extended his hands and made a covenant of faith.
I asked, O Prophet, may I follow you and stay here.
The Prophet ﷺ said ‘no’ . ‘It will be difficult for you to stay here now. You will have to endure many difficulties. Now go back to your own country. Come back after I came out publicly’ . I returned home. Reached my family and lived as a true believer. I kept enquiring for the information of the Prophet ﷺ.
While that was the case , I knew that he had migrated to Madeena . Went to Madeena and met the Prophet ﷺ. I asked, do you remember me? Then he said, “Yes, you had come to Mecca to see me. Teach me what you have learnt . The Prophet ﷺ taught me what I needed.

Mahabba Campaign Part-62/365

Khalid bin Saeed (RA):
The term “the fourth person who came to Islam” can be seen about many people in history, and one of them is Khalid bin Saeed(R) . Behind his acceptance of Islam, there is an intervention of Abu Bakar (RA). The Quraish leader Aas bin Umayya was the father of Saeed, father of Khalid. So Khalid was very much respected in Mecca.
We can read about a dream that caused Khalid to change his mind.The dream was like this. ‘He was leaning against a fire pit. His father Saeed trying to push him into it. At that time, Muhammadﷺ saved him from the fire by holding his waist. Khalid was affected by this frightening sight. He shared his dream with his dear friend Abu Bakar(R). This conversation was the day after Abu Bakar (RA) declared Islam. He said, O Khalid.- I understand that Allah has designed good for you, because Muhammad bin Abdullahﷺ declared prophecy, appointed as the messenger of Allah. You should reach there as soon as possible. Follow the path of the Prophet. You will be saved from all your fears. Khalid left immediately. He reached near the Holy Prophetﷺ and embraced Islam.

After Abu Bakr (RA), Khalid (RA) is the one who accepted Islam from outside the Prophet’s family. His wife Umairah bint Khalaf also came to Islam immediately.
Abdullah ibn Masood (RA).
He was fortunate enough to accept Islam at an early age. Then he had the opportunity to live as a companion of the Prophet ﷺ. According to the narration quoted by Imam Ahmad (RA) in his Musnad, Ibn Mas’ud himself says, “During my youth, I used to tend the sheep of Uqbat Bin Abi Mu’it. Once while, I was standing with the sheep on a hill in Mecca then two people came running. I later realized that they were Muhammadﷺ and Abu Bakar Siddique (RA). They came there to escape from the harassments of polytheists in Mecca . They asked me, my dear… Do you have any milk that we can drink? I said I am only the keeper of these sheep. I am not the owner so I have no right to give. The Prophetﷺ Immediately asked. ‘Is there any small, milk less goat that did not give birth? I pointed to a goat that had no milk and had a deformed udder. The Prophetﷺ approached that goat. He recited some chants and stroked the udder. Abu Bakar took a piece of rock with a little hole and held it out instead of the bowl. There, the stone bowl was filled with milk and lifted up. The Prophetﷺ drank it and then gave it to Abu Bakar. He also drank. Then he handed it to me. I also drank. Then the Prophet ﷺ placed his hand on the goat’s udder and said, “Let it shrink.” The udder is in its original condition.
This experience influenced Ibn Mas’ud and he embraced Islam. He introduced himself as the sixth of the six Muslims at that time.
He was an unusually short man. Once some of his companions laughed seeing his small legs. The Prophet ﷺ intervened. By Allah, the value of his legs in the Hereafter will be mightier than the mount Uhud .
The Prophet ﷺ praised him and said, “If you want to learn the Qur’an in the same way as it was taught to Jibreel, then learn it from Ibn Mas’ud.”

Mahabba Campaign Part-63/365

Abu Darr al-Ghifari(RA):
‘Ghifar’ is a tribe that lives in the ‘Safrau’ Valley between Mecca and Medina. Abu Darr is a prominent person in the tribe. He came to know about Muhammad ﷺ’s declaration of prophecy in Mecca. He asked his brother Anees to go to Mecca and collect information about the assigned Prophet. He came back after gathering information. Abu Darr explains. ‘I asked my brother for information’. Anees started saying. I met that Prophetﷺ . He is the true messenger, appointed by Allah. He adevices people to worship only Allah and live an ideal life. What do people say? I asked. Opponents say that he is a poet, a sorcerer and an astrologer. But it is neither poetry, sorcery nor astrology. They say it is lie but the Prophetﷺ speak only the truth. Anees, who is also a poet, explained. I said that what you have said is not satisfies me. I am going directly to Mecca. Will meet the Prophetﷺin person. Anees said ‘yes’. But must be beware of the Meccans. They are hostile to the Prophetﷺ. They may attack those who seek him. I took a leather pot of water and a stick and set off. I reached Mecca. I entered the masjid and tried to find the Prophetﷺ. Can’ t ask anyone.
Another narration goes like this. I approached a person and asked him confidentially. How I can meet the person who claims to be ‘Sabiee’. It is the word they use to mention ‘the faithful’. As soon as he heard it, he called out and said, “Here comes a Sabiee.” Everyone who had gathered there began to attack me. Everyone in that valley came running and started throwing stones and bones at me. I fell unconscious. I was like a statue smeared in dust. I Walked to Zamzam well and cleaned. Drank a stomach full of Zamzam water. Spent thirty days and nights there. Drank only Zamzam as food and drink. My stomach folds straightened. Body became energetic had no pangs of hunger.
It was a moonlit night. The Quraish were fast asleep. I sat between the holy Ka’aba and its curtains. Now there are no people circumambulating the holy Ka’aba. Only two women circling the holy Ka’aba. They invoke two gods, ‘Isaf’ and ‘ Naila’,. When they approached me during their circumambulation, I made fun of their faith and said, “You may marry off one of those gods to the next one.” They did not respond. When they came to me again, I rebuked them again . When they heard these words of mine, they said to each other. ‘None of our proponents are here!’. They both walked out.
At that time, Muhammadﷺ and Abu Bakar(R) came to the holy Ka’aba. They asked the women. What is the matter ? The women said. A ‘Sabiee’ sits between the holy Ka’ aba and the mat. He talks about unnecessary matters.
The Prophet came near the holy Ka’ aba and kissed Hajar al-Aswad. Both of them circumambulated the holy Ka’aba and after that performed prayer. Then I went near. Assalamu Alaika ya Rasulullah. O Messenger of Allah, peace be upon you.

Mahabba Campaign Part-64/365

‘The Testimony of faith’ was recited after salam. “Ashhadu an la ilaha illallah Wa ashhadu anna Muhammada Rasoolullah… the Prophet’s face shined with joy. I was the first to address the Islamic greeting phrase ‘Assalamu Alaikum’. He returned the greeting. Wa alaikumussalam. Where are you from?
I said ‘ from the Gifhar tribe’. Then the Prophetﷺ gestured with his hand. Put his fingers on his forehead. It seemed that the Prophetﷺ was displeased to hear the name ‘Ghifar’. I was about to take the Prophet’sﷺ hand. But the person who was with him stopped me. He knows the Prophetﷺ better than me!. Immediately the Prophetﷺ raised his head and asked me. When did you reach here? It’s been thirty days and nights. From where did you get the food? Did not get any food except the Zamzam water, but did not feel any pangs of hunger. The folds of stomach straightened. Essentially, the body vitalized. He responded. ‘Blessed’. “Zamzam is food for food and cure for disease”.

In a narration of Ibn Abbas(RA), Abu Darr says: I reached Mecca. I do not know the Prophetﷺ. I didn’t like to ask anyone. I went straight to the Zamzam well, drank the water, came to the masjid and slept there. Then Ali(R) came that way. He said ‘you seem to be a foreigner’. I said ‘yes’. Come on let’s go home. I walked along. I didn’t say anything. He didn’t enquire anything either . When it dawned, I took my leather bowl and other things and came to the masjid. I looked for the Prophetﷺ. No one told me. That day also ended like that. When I was about to sleep in the masjid Ali (R) came by. You still don’t have a place to stay today, right? I said ‘no’. Come with me. I walked with him.He didn’t ask anything, I didn’t say anything either. On the third day, he repeated the same thing. Then Ali (R) asked, “Why did you come to this country?”. I will tell you if you keep it a secret. According to another report, if you promise to guide me, I will tell you. Ali (R) said. OK. I revealed my intention. Soon Ali (R) continued. ‘You have been guided. The person you seek is the Messenger of Allah. Come with me in the morning. If there is any alarming sign on the way, I will move to the side of the path like a man pouring water. Then you go ahead. Or I stand there as if repairing my chappel. If I keep walking, follow me again. Through the door by which I enter you shall also enter the masjid. We walked and reached near the prophetﷺ. I said. ‘Please introduce Islam to me’. He introduced. I accepted Islam immediately. Then he told me. Now keep this as a secret. Go back to your country. Convey the messages to your natives. Come here if you know that we have come out publicly. Then I said. ‘By Him, who appointed you with the truth by my Lord I will proclaim the truth before them.

Mahabba Campaign Part-65/365

I left the presence of the Prophetﷺ and reached near the holy Ka’aba. All the eminent Quraish members were there. I proclaimed loudly. ‘Ashhadu An lailaha Illallah……I bear witness that there is no god but Allah…Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the Messenger of Allah….Immediately they called out and said catch this ‘Sabiee’ …They all turned against me only to kill me. They hit me hard . They overturned me. Immediately Abbas came running and guarded me. Then he shouted. Damn to you . Isn’t this man from the tribe of Ghifar? Shouldn’t our trade groups pass through their country? Then they let me go.
The next day I approached the holy Ka’aba and announced the oath. Like the day before, they attacked me. Just like the day before, Abbas came and saved me. They let me go.
That night, Abu Bakar asked the Prophet ﷺ for permission to entertain me . Got permission. I reached the house of Abu Bakar (R) along with the Prophet ﷺ .Received us giving raisin. It was the first meal in Mecca. Then I sat near him. He said ‘ I have been shown the direction to a land full of palm trees. I understand that it is ‘Yasrib’ .Can you convey this message to your people? They will benefit and you will be rewarded ?.’
I returned home. My brother, Unais came to me and asked. What happened? I said ‘I have accepted Islam. I believe that the Prophet ﷺ is a true messenger. Well. ‘I do not have a religion other than the religion you have adopted. I am also accepting Islam’ . Said Unais. Then our mother came near and inquired about things. ‘I also accept the religion accepted by both of you’. Mother also came to Islam.
I invited the tribe of Ghifar to Islam. Half of them embraced Islam. Half of them said, “Let the Prophet ﷺ come to Yatrib, we will accept.” When the Prophet ﷺ migrated and reached Yatrib , they all declared their faith voluntarily. The neighboring ‘Aslam’ tribe came to know about this and approached the Prophet ﷺ and said. ‘We wish to follow the same belief which our brother tribe followed’. The Prophet ﷺ became very happy and blessed the tribes .”May Allah grant forgiveness (Gufran) to the tribe of Ghifar. May Allah grant safety (Salamat) to the tribe of Aslam”. (Prayed using the words attached to the names of the tribes).
In the report of Imam Bukhari, we can read a description like this. Abu Darr al-Ghifari said to Abdullahi bin Swamith . O brother… I performed prayer three years before meeting the Prophet ﷺ. He asked. ‘For whom did you pray? For Allah’s sake. In which direction was the prayer performed? ‘Allah would have turned me to a direction he pleased. If the night was too late, I would pray. Then I would take rest till the sun rise.
The term ‘Fifthly’ “the one who accepted Islam” has also been mentioned in the books about Abu Darr( R) also.
Abu Darr (R) will appear at important moments during the reading of the history of the Prophet ﷺ.

Mahabba Campaign Part-66/365

In Mecca, Islamic preaching was being discussed day by day. People approached the Prophetﷺ secretly even as the Prophetﷺ and the faithful followers worshiped in secret. Conducted Islamic movements centering in a house called ‘the house of Arqam bin Arqam(Darul Arqam). This house was close to Safa Hill, one hundred and thirty meters away from the holy Ka’aba.
About thirty-eight believers accepted Islam. Abu Bakar (R) asked the Prophetﷺ. What if the Islamic faith is announced publicly? The Prophetﷺ said, O Abu Bakar, are we not a lesser people? But Siddeeq was very much interested to declare faith in public. He kept making demands. Finally the Prophetﷺ came out of Darul Arqam. The believers stood in different parts of the masjid. Abu Bakar came near the holy Ka’aba and was about to start the first lecture in Islam. The speaker is Siddeeq himself. The Prophetﷺ is sitting not far away. Siddeeq(R) began the sermon by calling to Allah and His Messenger. All of the polytheists were furious. They beat him with everything they could get. He was kicked and thrown. Finally, a rogue named Utbah bin Rabi’ah hit him in the face with a nail-studded footwear. His nose was unrecognizably injured. Then Abu Bakar’s tribe, ‘Banu Tayim’ came to the scene. Everyone was sure that Siddeeq would die with this. His family carried him unconscious in a cloth to home. Banu Tayim announced that if Abu Bakar died in this beating, they would kill Utba.
Abu Bakar’s father Abu Quhafa and his family waited for him to regain consciousness. When it was evening, he slowly opened his eyes. Immediately he asked ‘how is the Prophetﷺ’? Everyone accused Siddeeq of this. (Are you still looking for the Prophet?) They said to Abu Bakar’s mother Ummul Khair. Look, give him something to drink or eat. Mother came near. Immediately the son asked mother what is the condition of the Prophetﷺ? She forced him to drink something saying, “I don’t have any information.”The son said. Mother please go to Ummu Jameel, sister of Umar and ask her. The mother said Ummu Jameel. ‘Abu Bakar asks where is the Prophet Muhammadﷺ ?.
She said I don’t know Abu Bakar and I don’t know the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). I will come with you if you like. She walked with Ummul Khair. Came to Abu Bakar and said him loudly. ‘Those who attacked you are unbelievers and rogues. You will face trials from them again. Abu Bakar asked what happened to the Prophetﷺ? Ummu Jameel immediately asked. Do you see your mother ? (The one who came along saying that she did not know earlier the details of the Prophetﷺ and now asked this, was so as not to reveal the secret to Ummul-Khair who did not accept Islam) Abu Bakar said. My mother’s presence is not a problem. What happened to the Prophetﷺ? He is in safe condition. Where is he? It is at Darul Arqam. Immediately Abu Bakar said, “I swear by Allah, I only drink water or eat food from the Prophetﷺ. ” Those around him comforted him. When the people calmed down, he moved towards the Prophetﷺ holding mother’s shoulder. At the sight, the Prophetﷺ came out. Hugged and kissed him lovingly with sobs. Sideeq immediately said, oh my Prophet, dearer to me than my father and mother nothing has happened to me except they hurt my face, nothing serious. This is my mother Ummul Khair who has great affection for her son. Oh my beloved Prophetﷺ you should save my mother from the Hell. You are the very blessing.The Prophet ﷺ prayed for her and then invited to Islam. Ummul Khair became a believer. Ashhadu an La ilaha illallah…

Mahabba Campaign Part-67/365

The Prophetﷺ proceeded with the preaching. More and more people were converting to Islam. The enemies strengthened their plans and finally they came to a decision to approach Abu Talib, the paternal uncle of Muhammadﷺ. Let’s ask for a control. The Quraish leaders came to Abu Talib and the conversation started. We agree that you are the leader and accepted among us. Do you know the crisis we are facing now? The method of preaching started by your nephew belittles us all, rejects our idols, and rejects our predecessors. We know you are also sad because you have not declared that religion! Either you control your nephew. If not, hand him over to us and we will handle him . Abu Talib comforted them for a while and sent them back with a good word.
The beloved Prophetﷺ continued his activities. The Quraish again raised objections against the Prophetﷺ and thought of different ways of protesting. Once again they approached Abu Talib. They started saying. You are venerable to us in age, position, and family honor, but you have not done so by asking to control your nephew. We can’t tolerate it anymore. He denigrates our gods. Rejects our ancestors. If you can’t control this, leave it to us. This will not be allowed any more. Either of the two parties! You can choose one of the two.
It was difficult for Abu Talib. The criticism of the natives and prominent people bothered him. And he was worried whether Muhammadﷺ would continue in the faith or withdraw from it. Anyway, a messenger was sent to the Prophetﷺ to bring him. Abu Talib spoke to the Prophetﷺ. The locals approached me and told me all the things.Don’t make me carry anything that I can’t bear.
As soon as the conversation started, the Prophetﷺ realized Abu Talib’s helplessness and the pressure of standing with him. Immediately the Prophet ﷺ said, “Oh, dear father… Even if they say that they will put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand, I Can’t give up my mission”. Either this ideology will win or I will continue on the path till death. Saying this, the Prophet ﷺ walked back. Immediately Abu Talib called him back and said. My dear, follow steadfast on your aim … I will not leave you to anyone. Then Abu Talib sang like this.
(Wallahi lan yaswilu ilaika…)
“By Allah…even if they come together
I will not avoid you as long as I live.
Go ahead without hesitation.
Until you are happy.
You invited me with purity of intention
That’s right, you’re ‘Al Ameen’ , aren’t you?
If only satire was not feared (from my people)
I would have proclaimed this truth”.
The Quraish were not satisfied with this position of Abu Talib. They approached him again with a different idea.

Mahabba Campaign Part-68/365

They were convinced that Abu Talib would not allow to insult the Prophetﷺ. They took Umarat bin Waleed and approached him. Then they said, Umarat is very robust and handsome: accept him as your son. Instead, give us Muhammad (ﷺ). We can come to a term of agreement. Abu Talib responded. ‘This is unfair. I should raise your son. Leave my son to you to be killed.Oh! This is never ever acceptable. Does any quadruped like a baby that is not it’s own as its own baby?’.
Mutimu bin Adiyy said: O Abu Talib, did we not treat you justly? But why don’t you try to solve the problem? Abu Talib intervened. ‘No, you have not done any justice. On the contrary, you tried to block me. You stirred up the people to oppose me. Now you can do what you want’.
The scene reached to an open protest. Voices of skirmish rose. Each tribe started attacking those who accepted Islam from among them. But Abu Talib protected the Prophet ﷺ. He gathered his family members; Banu Hashim and Banul Mutalib together and conveyed the message to protect Muhammad ﷺ from miscreants. All of them agreed except Abu Lahab.
Abu Talib sang in praise of the Prophet ﷺ.
(Idajtamaath Yauman Quraishun…)
When the Quraish gather one day
Abdu Manaf is the essence and core
If the leaders of Abdu Manaf come
Hashim is the leader and great man
Look the best one among them,
The Most respected is Muḥammad ﷺ.
One day the Prophet ﷺ was walking around the holy Ka’aba. Suddenly Abu Jahal jumped in front of the Prophet ﷺ and disturbed him. The Prophet ﷺ did not respond. He walked silently. Everyone around was watching.
Hamza (R), the paternal uncle of the Prophetﷺ, was coming after the hunt. Hamza noticed two women walking in front him talking about something. ‘What will happen if he (Hamza) finds out what Abu Jahal did against Muhammadﷺ?’. He asked explanation from the women. When he happened to know the reality, he became furious…. He went straight towards the holy Ka’aba. When the hunt is over, they would go home only after circumambulating the holy Ka’aba. This was their custom.
Abu Jahal is in a part of the masjid. Hamza went straight to him. He straightened his(Abu Jahal)head with his bow. Then he said, “I have joined the religion of Muhammadﷺ. If you are truthful, stop me.” The Quraish jumped up and said.’ Oh Abu ya’la(Hamza) what are you saying!!?
Another narration of this incident is as follows. The Prophetﷺ was sitting on the side of Safa Hill. Abu Jahal came through. The Prophet ﷺ was very much insulted. He said everything that could be said. The Prophetﷺ did not say anything. The maid servant of Abdullah ibn Juda’an was sitting in their house and watching this scene. After a while, Hamza came after the hunt. After circumambulating the holy Ka’ aba, he turned to the Quraish club and talked to the members as usual. Immediately the attendant said. O Abu Umara ! Do you know what Abul Hakam did to your nephew a little while ago?

Mahabba Campaign Part-69/365

She explained the scene. Hamza got angry. He walked towards the masjid targeting Abu Jahl. He was there with his friends. Went straight to him and hit him on the head with the bow in his hand. Said angrily looking at him ‘Do you abuse him while I am in his religion . I am also telling the truth. If you have the courage, come and talk to me. Immediately the Banu Makhzoom people, who are the family of Abu Jahl, got up and prepared to face Hamza. But Abu Jahl said. Leave him alone, don’t hurt him because I have rebuked him very much.
Then Hamza returned home. Many people asked him. Are you joining that Sabie religion? Aren’t you the leader of Quraish?.Why are you rejecting the religion of the predecessors? Isn’t it better to die? A conflict of ideas started in Hamza’s mind. Later, he said, “I have never experienced such a mental conflict as that night. I was deeply disturbed by the evil teachings of the devil.” Finally, I prayed. O Allah, if the path I have taken is right, please confirm this ideal in my heart! If not, please show me a way out! The next morning I came to the Prophet ﷺ and said this. I am in great dilemma. I don’t know what to do. Talk to me about something that will comfort me. This is the time I want to hear. The Prophet ﷺ talked him heartily. Convinced him of the sweetness of the religion and the loss of the denial of truth. Warning as well as Promise were given. Islam deepened in the heart of Hamza(R). Allah blessed him with ‘Iman’. I bear witness that you are a true messenger and truthful. We must preach this religion .If I continue in the old religion , I realise that I am not entitled to receive the roof of heaven. Hamza’s faith is strong. The covenant with the Prophet ﷺ is sure. With that the enemies stopped many atrocities .They realized that a mighty warrior is with the Prophet ﷺ now. The twenty-sixth verse of the al-Fath chapter was revealed reminding the circumstances of his acceptance of Islam. The idea is as follows: “When the disbelievers raised in their hearts the sense of pride of the Jahiliyyah, Allah gave peace to His Messenger and the believers.
And made them keep the word of guarding (against evil), and They were entitled to it and worthy of it ; Allah is Cognizant of all things .”
Hamza who embraced Islam proudly sang thus.
(Hamitullaha Heena Hada Fuadi…)

I praise you Lord for giving me the right path, dear to me
Glorious is the religion given by Allah
Always showers mercy on the subjects.
A wise man read God’s message,
emits tears from within
The message of Ahmad ﷺ is clear verses
Words and ideas blending Vowels….
Ahmad Mustafa will be obeyed
Can’t be shun by vain words.

Mahabba Campaign Part-70/365

Hamza’s embrace of Islam annoyed the Quraish. Prophet must be confronted anyway. Either way of accusations or attacks can be taken. They decided. So the Quraish leaders gathered. They came to a decision. One of our group who is proficient in witchcraft, astrology, and poetry should approach Muhammad ﷺ and talk to him and see what the answer is. We must ascertain which of these knowledge Muhammad ﷺ has. Who is the right person among us to speak to Muhammad?. They all said in unison. Who else but Utbat bin Rabi’ah. They called him, O Abul Waleed, you should undertake this task.
Utba met the Prophetﷺ and he began to speak. ‘But what a great burden has been placed on this nation through this declaration of prophecy!. The predecessors have been rejected. They became unwise and denied their gods. Let me ask you, are you superior to Abdullah? Are you greater than Abdulmuttalib? If they are the elite, then none of them did anything like this? Otherwise, if you are better than them, tell me and let me hear what you say. No nation has ever had a subject that has been so slandered. The gods have been insulted. The honor among the Arabs was destroyed. At last everyone began to tell. A fortune teller/ a sorcerer came from among the Quraish. If this is the case, the matter will become worse . We will take our swords and fight each other.So I will tell you some things. You just need to tell us what you need. The Prophetﷺ said. Okay, say what you have to say and let me hear it.

Utba: Continued. No, brother- is your aim in proclaiming this ideal, wealth? Then we will collect as much as possible and make you the most wealthy here. If leadership is what you want, we will all follow you without fail. Is your aim to get the title of king, we will accept you as our king.
If you are troubled by any thought, we can treat you at any cost. We can get any therapist.
The Prophetﷺ listened carefully to everything. Then asked, O Abul Waleed, have you finished what you had to say? But can you hear what I have to say? Yes’ Utba agreed.

The Prophet ﷺ began with Bismillah… and recited the first part of the forty-first chapter of the Holy Qur’an (Ha..mim…) The meaning of the verses can be read as follows.. “Hamim… a book of verses recited in Arabic for those who know, and the words are explained. This book gives good news and warning, but many people turn away without understanding it.”
Then came the thirteenth verse. The idea is: “If they turn back, say to them, O Prophet, there is a terrible punishment that befell the people of Aad and Tamud, and the same terrible punishment may befall you”. He who had been listening carefully till now, when the Prophet ﷺ reached this verse, he tried to cover the mouth of the Prophet ﷺ.

The verse where the Prophet ﷺ had to prostrate came ,he prostrated.

Mahabba Campaign Part-71/365

After reciting the Qur’an, the Prophet ﷺ said to Utbah, I made you hear what I want to tell . Now you can do whatever you like. Do you have anything else to present?. Utba asked. The Prophet ﷺ said no, that much.
Utba got up from there. He did not go to the Quraish who appointed him for the task. Immediately Abu Jahl told his friends. Utba: I feel like he has fallen into the net of Muhammad ﷺ. He must have been entertained with a good meal and he must have been mesmerized by it. Otherwise he would have returned to us directly. Everyone stood up. Aimed at Utba. Approached him. Abu Jahl started saying. It seems that you have fallen into that prophet’s net. Did any feast surprise you? Tell us what you need and we can prepare the delicious dish for you even if by raising an amount.
Angry Utba swore that he would never speak to Muhammad ﷺ. Don’t know that I am the richest of you? But I visited Muhammad ﷺ..He explained what happened afterwards.
Then they asked what was your response. The words recited by him were clear. But I didn’t fully understand the idea . But I covered the mouth of Muhammad ﷺ when he said that severe punishment like Aad and Tamud tribes will come, because we know that everything that person has said so far has come true.
They got angry and asked, “What the hell is this, you being an Arab, didn’t understand what was said in Arabic?” Utba continued. I listened to those words. They are not poetry,sorcery , or astrology . Oh Quraish let him go his own way. There are lessons in the Prophet’s words. If that happens, the Arabs will be superior. If this ideology succeeds, the victory and power of the Arabs will also be yours.
Agree with me on this matter. Avoid all other things. By Allah Almighty I have never heard a word like that. I had nothing to say back.
On hearing this, the Quraish called out and said, O Abul Waleed, you too have been affected by that person’s sorcery .
Even so, they did not seek the path of study and inquiry, instead they thought in the path of grudge and jealousy. They discussed how to eliminate him.
One evening, the Quraish leaders gathered again near the holy Ka’aba and discussed about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. They took a new decision. Let’s talk and argue. Let’s raise questions. So someone was sent. Immediately the Prophet ﷺ arrived. He quickly came thinking that an opportunity to speak would be useful for instructing them .
When the Prophet ﷺ arrived, they started talking. O Muhammad ﷺ. We have sent a man to speak to you. No one else has given their people the burden that you have given to this people. The gods here have been reviled. The predecessors have been rejected. Their faith was made senseless. The people were divided in to many divisions. Then they repeated the offers put forward by Utba earliar. The Prophet ﷺ listened everything calmly. After…

Mahabba Campaign Part-72/365

Then the Prophetﷺ began to say. What are you saying !? I have not come with this ideology for gaining wealth, position or power. Allah has appointed me as His Messenger. A holy book was presented to me. I was sent to give you glad tidings and warnings. I conveyed to you the message entrusted to me. Advised you. If you accept it, you will be blessed in both worlds. If you ignore, I leave the decision to Allah. However I will face things with patience.
Then their expression changed. Their reaction was different. They said this. You know we are very stressed. Economically and regionally, however we are in crisis. So you tell the Almighty Creator to give us rivers like He gifted to Iraq and Sham. Bring back our dead predecessors. Reincarnate the son of Kilab, Qusai. Let us ask him , are all these true? He (Qusai) was a righteous old man.
So do for us what we said here. Then we would accept that you are a prophet and a Messenger, appointed by Allah.

The Prophetﷺ replied, I am not appointed to do as you say. I have done what I was assigned to do. I have conveyed the message to you. If you accept it, you are lucky in both worlds. Otherwise, you can decide anything. I will face them with patience. Whatever happens between us, Allah will judge.
Again they said. If you cannot do this, ask an angel to be sent to tell us that you are truthful. Ask Allah to give you a mansion, a garden, a treasure and a store of gold and silver. Now you move through the market, earn a living like us. Avoid all these normal practices and ask the Creator to give it directly. Let us see your greatness and nobility.

The Prophetﷺ said. I do not intend to do anything like this, neither a person who came for it. I have told you my mission. If you accept it, you will be blessed in both worlds. Otherwise, whatever Allah decrees between us, I will take it with patience.
They came to the next argument. Didn’t Allah, whom you speak of, say that if He wills, anything is possible? If so ask to make a part of the sky fall on us, then we will accept. Otherwise we will not agree .
The Prophetﷺ said, “That is the decree of Allah. Whatever meant for you, He will execute it surely”.

They continued. O Muhammadﷺ. Does your Allah not know anything of our gathering ,discussion and what asked and said here?
We think that all these are being recited to you by some ‘Rahman’ from Yamama.We will never accept that. Sorry Muhammadﷺ, we can’t do that. So we swear by the Creator,we won’t allow this. Either you will perish or we.
Then some intervened. We are the ones who worship the angels who are the daughters of Allah, so we will accept only if you bring Allah and the angels together.
The Prophetﷺgot up from there and Abdullah, the son of Abu Umayyah, also got up and walked with him.

Mahabba Campaign Part-73/365

He is also the son of the aunt of the Prophetﷺ. He asked, O Muhammad ﷺ, our people made many promises. You did not accept anything. Then they asked something for them and did not fulfill it either. Then asked to reveal your status of assets. That too was not accepted and asked to present some punishments and that was also not done. Now let me say a matter. Place a ladder towards the sky and ascend through it to the height. Then come with a book accompanied by four angels. If all this is done the way I see it, I may believe it. Then he turned away from Prophet ﷺ .

The heart of the Prophetﷺ was pondering seriously and he walked home thinking how to guide them.

Abu Jahl appeared again. He said to the Quraish, Muhammadﷺ is moving forward by rejecting the religion of our predecessors. He does not accept any other option. The truth is that I have decided one thing. I will take the biggest rock I can carry and put it on the head of Muhammadﷺ when he will be in prostration (Sujood) near the holy Ka’aba tomorrow. Then, whatever the children of Abdu Manaf do to me, it is not a problem. Those who heard said. Do as you wish, no problem.
The next morning, Abu Jahl kept a stone as he had said. As usual in the morning, the Prophet ﷺ came to the holy Ka’aba and turned towards Sham. He stood between Rukan al-Yamani and Hajar al-Aswad, facing the holy Ka’aba. Or facing the north side of the holy Ka’ aba and stood on the south side. The prayer began. All the Qurash notables have gathered in their club early in the morning. Everyone noticed. What was going to happen? The Prophetﷺ went into prostration. Abu Jahl moved closer carrying a rock. Soon he turned back. As if the rock stuck to his hand. His face turned pale. Disgraced Abu Jahl threw away the rock.

Some of the Quraish notables who were watching the scene came running and asked. Ya Abalhakam, Oh, what happened to you?. He said. I was about to do what I said yesterday at that time, a huge camel was standing near Muhammadﷺ with its mouth wide open. I have never seen such a huge monstrous camel in my life. It was preparing to swallow me.
(Later the Prophet ﷺ said, “It was Gibreel (A.S.). If Abu Jahl had come near me, Gibreel would have caught him.”
Not too late. The holy Qur’an revealed addressing each of the issues raised by the Quraish.
Once they had said that the dead should come back and tell. The Qur’an responded in this regard: “Moving the mountains, splitting the earth, raising the dead from the graves and making them speak, what would happen if the holy Qur’an was presented like this? (This is not a difficult matter) but all power belongs to Allah. (Some believers thought that some miracle would happen in response to the disbelievers) Have not yet those who believe known that if Allah please, He would certainly guide all the people ?. And (as for) those who disbelieve , there will not cease in to afflict them calamity because of what they do repelling or calamities will descend near their abodes. This will continue until the promise of Allah dawns. Surely He never breaks His promise. “This is the idea of ​​the thirty-first verse of Al Ra’ad chapter.

Mahabba Campaign Part-74/365

Later, they ridiculed the life of the Prophet ﷺ, and the holy Qur’an intervened. The meaning of verses seven to ten of the Al-Furqan chapter is as follows.” And they say, “What is this Messenger? A man who eats food and walks through the market; why has not an angel been sent down to him, so that he should have been a warner with him ?. Or (why is not) a treasure sent down to him , or he is made to have a garden from which he should eat ?. And the unjust ask ‘Are you following a person deprived of reason ? See what likeness do they apply to you ; so they have gone astray, therefore they shall not be able to find a way . Blessed is He who if He will give you what is better than this, gardens beneath which rivers flow , and He will give you palaces.”
In connection with this, in the twentieth verse of Surat al-Furqan, it is said: “Dear messengers, And we have not sent before you any apostles but they most surely ate food and went about in the markets; and We have made some of you a trial for others; will you bear patiently ? And your Lord is ever Seeing “.
The Qur’an enumerated each and every point raised by the Quraish. The Qur’an clarified what was the response of the beloved Prophet ﷺ. They thought that the Prophet ﷺ was worried that the Quraish leaders called the Prophetﷺ and talked to him. But later they saw that the Prophetﷺ answered for all their questions.
Read the meaning of the Sura al-Israa from verse number ninety. They said “we will not accept your message until the earth splits open and a spring flows for us. Or you have a garden full of dates and grapes. And rivers flow through it. Or you make the sky fall upon us in pieces or bring God and the angels before us.” If not, may you have a golden mansion. Or go up to the sky…”
After all the debates, the holy Qur’an intervened by referring to Abu Jahl who tried to kill the Prophet ﷺ by throwing the rock . It was on this subject that the ninth verse of the Al-Alaq chapter was revealed.
A statement quoted in the “Musnad” of Imam Ahmad (RA) can be read as follows. Ibn Abbas (RA) says. The Meccans asked the Prophet ﷺ to turn Mount Safa into gold and make the mountains of Mecca into arable land. Then Jibreel (A) approached the Prophet ﷺ and said, Allah has sent peace up on you . Allah says If you wish, He can turn the hill of Safa into gold. But if they still deny the truth, We will punish them like no other nation before. Or if you wish, He will open the door of mercy and forgiveness for them. Then the Prophet ﷺ said, “Allah, please open the door of mercy.”
The Prophet ﷺ always make decisions aiming at the mercy to the people. The Prophet ﷺ was not appointed to show the miracles that the people demand, but to invite them to the right faith. It is for the purpose of presenting an exemplary life and inviting everyone to Heaven. That is precisely what the Prophet ﷺ accomplished. Presented many Miracles as a proof . The holy Qur’an revealed as everlasting evidence for the prophecy.
Day by day they were convinced that it was impossible to defeat the Prophet ﷺ. Still, they were looking for new ways of stratagem.

Mahabba Campaign Part-75/365

Nalr bin Al-Harith was a person under demonic influence among the Quraish. He troubled the Prophet ﷺ in many ways.
Once he called the Quraish. O Quraish, a great crisis has come upon you. There does not seem to be any way out of it. Muhammad ﷺ grew up as a good boy among you. Became a person who was loyal, honest and liked by everyone. At the middle age came with a new news . Then you said it is sorcery . By Allah, This is not sorcery . There is no sign of it in these works . Don’t we know their blowing of the air and knotting ?. Then you said that it is astrology . This is not astrology. Are we not familiar with their rhythm and style? Then you said that it is poetry. The truth is that this is not poetry. We have quoted different types of poetry. It’s metre and rhetoric are so familiar to us. Then it was said that this is madness. By Allah, it is not madness. We have seen so many madmen. There is nothing here about their madness, change of expression or inaccuracy.
So what happened is a big problem. So think about the problem seriously. (Later in the battle of Badr, he confronted with Ali (R) and was killed )
Nalr would sit before an audiance where the Prophet ﷺ told about the eventful life of the predecessors. Nalr would tell about kings to distract people’s attention. Because Nalr had gone to the land of ‘Hira’ and he was familiar with the histories and stories of the Persian kings. This action of his confused the people. The Qur’an dealt with that action through the chapter “Al Qalam”.
After hearing Nalar’s narrations, the Quraish sent him with Uqbat bin Abi Muayt to Madeena to talk to the Vedic scholars there about the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. To understand the status of the Prophetﷺ based on the documents they have. This was the purpose of the journey. Both of them reached Madeena and approached the Jewish priests. The information was shared. They listened carefully to all the details . Then they said: Ask Muhammad ﷺ about the three things we are telling you. If the answer is correct then the person is a prophet. Otherwise the claim is false. ONE. Who are the young men who traveled and were full of miracles in the ancient times? TWO. Who is the person who has travelled around the world and reached the sunset and sunrise?. THREE. What about the soul?
If he answers these three questions, the person you are talking about is a true prophet. Otherwise falsely claiming.
Both of them returned to Mecca and conveyed the information to the Quraish. They approached the Prophet ﷺ and asked the above mentioned questions. He said. I will tell you tomorrow. But he forgot to say ‘Insha Allah’ (if Allah wills it). Fifteen days passed. Then the disbelievers said. whats up, Has it been days since the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said that he would answer questions? The Prophet ﷺ became worried.Gibreel (A) came and delivered the message from Allah. When talking about something that to be done tomorrow, he remembered to add ‘Insha Allah’. Gibreel (A) gave detailed answers to the three questions and presented the eighteenth chapter of the Holy Qur’an, ‘Al Kahf’.

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The answer to the first question was the cave dwellers, ‘Ashabul Kahf’. The answer to the second question was ‘Dul Qarnain’. They observed what Prophet Muhammad would say about the soul. The Qur’an responded in detail to its reality.
This is also a clear picture of how Islam faced the debates. Let the anti-Islamists of the new age study the history. Which other ideology has faced so many ideological debates. The early days of the Prophet ﷺ’s preaching were of open debates.
When the idea is proved false , then violence is the way of the unjust .The polytheists in Mecca became more aggressive . They began to attack the believers praying in the vicinity of the holy Ka’aba in various ways. Those who studied the Qur’an were treated cruelly. Many of the believers of that time learned the Qur’anic verses by listening to the Prophet ﷺ reciting them in prayer. This method became very unbearable for the opponents. Allah has mercy on the slaves and instructed the Prophet ﷺ as follows: “Do not perform the prayer in a loud voice, but do not be too low. Such a middle level was suggested to avoid the attack of the non believers and to continue the learning of the believers.(Al Israu 110).
But the Qur’an had a profound effect on the believers. They could not help but listen to it and recite it. At that time, the Companions gathered together. They shared an idea. What if they recited the Qur’an in the vicinity of the Kaaba while the critics hear ? Well, but who will volunteer for it ? Abdullah Ibn Masuood said I will perform. Friends said. We are afraid that if you do so, you may be attacked. We mean that if it is done by someone with great family influence in our group, the attackers will not be so quick to intervene. Ibn Mas’ud said.
I myself will go and recite. May Allah protect me. So he approached the holy Ka’aba at dawn (Luha time). Stood near to the “Maqam Ibraheem”. He started reciting the Qur’anic chapter called ‘Sura Al Rahman’ . The Quraish who gathered in the club asked each other. What is Umm Abd’s son saying? He was reciting parts of the book revealed to Muhammad ﷺ. They got up and started beating him. Some hurted in the face. Ibn Masuood recited some more verses and then returned to his friends. When the ‘Sahaba’ looked, the friend came up with wounds on his face. They said, “This is what we were afraid of.” Immediately Ibn Masuood responded. Now their violence seems trivial to me. If I get a chance I will repeat the recitation tomorrow too. Abdullah ibn Masuood (may Allah be pleased with him) has the honor and title of being the first person in Islamic history to recite the holy Qur’an publicly.
The power of influence of the holy Qur’an became a matter of further debate among the Quraish. Even the ardent enemies thought; what if listen to this Qur’an ? Thus, the three Quraish leaders decided to listen to the recitation of the Qur’an by the Prophet ﷺ. They were Abu Jahl, Abu Sufyan and Akhnas bin Shareeq. When the Prophet ﷺ was praying at night, they listened carefully to the recitation of the Qur’an by the Prophet ﷺ without knowing each other. On the way back, the three met unexpectedly. They said to each other. Don’t repeat this. If our followers see us, they may misunderstand us. They left the place.

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The three of them came to listen to the holy Qur’an the next night also. They came without knowing each other, but they met again on their way back. As agreed the other day, they parted.
On the third day they listened and met when they returned. They said to each other. We should not do this again. If we make an agreement, we must keep it. Right. The next morning, Akhnas took his staff and visited Abu Sufyan. He asked him, “What do you think about what you heard from Muhammadﷺ?” Abu Sufyan asked back. What is your opinion? I think it is true. Abu Sufyan continued. I grasped directly the meaning of some of what I heard. Meaning of some verses are partially convinced. While the idea of some other verses are yet to be understood. Akhnas said ‘I have the same experience. After that Akhnas walked to Abu Jahl’s house and asked him. What did you think of the recitation of Muhammad ﷺ yesterday? We and the family of Abdu Manaf (the family of the Prophet ﷺ) are like two horses competing against each other. We try to do what they do. As it is the case , if one of Abdu Manaf’s family received revelation and said that he received prophecy, I will not accept it. I will never believe it. Abu Sufyan converted to Islam at the time of the ‘Victory over Mecca’. In the case of Akhnas, there is an opinion that embraced Islam.
All three of them were convinced that the Qur’an is supernatural and prophethood is true, but they could not accept it because of their vested interests. Abu Jahl was the strictest of them. He was killed in Badr as a disbeliever.
Ibn Kaseer quotes a report that makes Abu Jahl’s conviction clear. A Companion named Mughirat bin Shu’aba says. The experience of the first day I understood Islam was as follows. I was walking along an alley of Mecca with Abu Jahl. Suddenly the Prophet ﷺ met us. He immediately called Abu Jahl. O Abul Hakam, I invite you to Allah and His Messenger. Come to Allah. Abu Jahl said, O Muhammad ﷺ, have you stopped denying our God? Then I should believe that the mission has been received, right? I swear by Allah ! If I am convinced what you are saying is true, I will follow it. The Prophet ﷺ walked away. Abu Jahl immediately looked at me and said, “By Allah! I know what Muhammad ﷺ says is true, but Banu Qusayy said. They are the custodians of the keys of the holy Ka’aba. We agreed. They said the “Nadwa” or leadership of the meeting is for us. We said ok. Then they said we are the flag bearers. Well. Then they prepared a feast for the pilgrims and we did the same. We will never accept those who compete with us for the leadership and say that they have got Prophecy.
Abu Jahl’s problem was this. Jealousy and intransigence . There is no cure for these diseases.
The critics of Islam of the new age do not come for ideological and scholarly debates, but for accusations and criticisms without any proof. Because the authenticity of Islam bothers them. Those who think that they can swallow Islam after 1500 years of survival, are ignorant of history. Let’s read another Quraish leader who knew the core and essence of the Qur’an.

Mahabba Campaign Part-78/365

Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said that the chapter ‘Al-Ghafir’ was revealed to the Prophetﷺ and he recited it sitting near the holy Ka’aba. Waleed bin Al-Mughira listened to it carefully and entered to a place where the people of Banu Makhzoom thronged. He said, I am just coming after hearing the verses recited by Muhammad ﷺ. what can I say ?!. Poetry, goblin verse, etc., any branch of literature in the Arabic language surrender before me more than you. By God, the sayings of Muhammad ﷺ bear no similarity to any of them. Those words have an amazing sweetness. A special grace. It’s branches and twigs are fruitful and its roots are deeply rooted in fertile soil. It is better than all words. Of course nothing can defeat it. Undoubtedly it will surpass all that come on it’s way.Waleed said this and walked away.
This became a debate among the Quraish. They said that Waleed had become a Sabie or converted. If Waleed, who was famous as ‘the fragrance of the Quraish’, converted, the whole of the Quraish might convert. Abu Jahl intervened. I will manage that crisis.
Abu Jahl came to Walid’s house pretending sorrow. He started saying, “O uncle, the Quraish, are accumulating wealth to hand over to you. You must convince people that the innovations of Muhammad ﷺ are pure nonsense.
He said, “Don’t the Quraish know that I am very rich.” Abu Jahl said, “Anyway, you can disagree on this matter.” Waleed said, “What can I say? The words of Muhammadﷺ are not the words of men or Jinns.” Let me think!
Waleed faced the people.. It is Hajj season is nearing in Mecca. People will start arriving here from all over the country. Naturally, they will inquire about the person (Muhammad ﷺ) who appeared here. Then opinion of the everyone of us about Muhammad ﷺ should be same. If there are too many opinions people will not believe. So what do we say? They said you say it yourself Waleed. No, you tell me, I’ll listen.
Some people said, ‘What about a fortune teller?
Waleed: by God , it is not true, there is no sign of astrology in Muhammadﷺ. some peopleh said .it is madness.
Waleed: We have seen madmen, and there is no sign of it here.
Some said: What if we say, a poet?
Waleed. We know the metre, rhetoric, imagination and structure of the poem very well. Then what to accuse ?
Some people said: then we can say that he is a black magician.
Waleed: It is not sorcery. There is no blowing or knot in it.
Then he told the features of the holy Qur’an and continued like this. The only possible allegation we can raise agaist him is ‘sorcery’. Because here fathers, children and family members engage in conflict in the name of this belief. So we can accuse him as a sorcerer as he causes rift among family members. All agreed and parted for the time being.

Mahabba Campaign Part-79/365

The holy Qur’an intervened. Waleed’s machinations and actions are treated in astonishing language. The meaning from the tenth verse of Almuddasir can be read as follows: “Leave Me and him whom I created alone, I have given him abundant wealth, I have given him children who stand with him in readiness,
And I adjusted affairs for him adjustably, And yet he desires that I should give more!

By no means! Surely he offers opposition to our communications. I will make a distressing punishment overtake him. Surely he reflected and guessed, But may he be cursed how he plotted; Again, may he be cursed how he plotted; Then he looked, Then he frowned and scowled, Then he turned back and was big with pride,
Then he said: This is not but enchantment, narrated (From others);
This is not but the word of mortal. I will cast him into hell (Saqar) And what will make you realize what hell is?

It leaves not nor does it spare aught It scorches the mortal”. The Qur’an did not spare those who argued with Waleed. Look at the meaning of the verses from the ninety-first verse of ‘Al-Hijr’. “So, by your Lord, We would most certainly question them all, Those who made the Qur’an into shreds”. The contextual revelations of the holy Qur’an annoyed the enemies. The things they spoke to the pilgrims caused the Prophet’sﷺ fame to spread throughout the land. What was said to those who came to Mecca provided an opportunity to study on the Prophet ﷺ. Unsuccessful, the enemies resorted to more violance. They began to attack the weak believers in particular. Abu Jahl was the most aggressive. If he knows that a respectable person has become a believer, he would dishonor him. If he is a merchant, lose his business. If he is poor, hurt him. Thus Abu Jahl lived as a hooligan.

Bilal(R) is a pure-hearted and a poor slave. He declared Islam. His owner Umayyath did not like it. He tried his best to bring him back . But Bilal did not give in. Umayyath became violent. Bilal was tied up. Laid on the scorching sand. Umayyath put heavy rock on his shoulder and started beating him with whip. He was shouting. Either your death or deny the God of Muhammad ﷺ. Believe in Lata and Uzza. Bilal did not move. He just sat and said ‘Ahad Ahad’ or The Lord is One. I reject Lata and Uzza. Umayyath’s anger increased. He intensified the violence. The voice of Bilal’s ‘Ahad’ was rising. Amr bin Al-Aas says: I was walking through Mecca and saw Bilal being beaten. The more Bilal said ‘Ahad’ ‘Ahad’, the more cruel Umayyath became violent. Bilal’s body writhes in the boiling earth. He faints and regains consciousness from time to time. All the while he kept saying Ahad.
Hassan bin Thabit says. I came to the holy Ka’aba to perform Umrah. Then the children tied Bilal with a long rope. He shouted loudly and said, “I deny the gods Lata, Uzza, Manata, Hubul, Naila, Buana… Immediately the Umayyath came and put Bilal in the burning desert…

Mahabba Campaign Part-80/365

Mujahid (RA) states that the Quraish tied a rope around Bilal’s neck. The children were instigated to drag him between the mountains of Mecca. Bilal kept saying “Ahad Ahad”. Bilal himself later said. They tied me continuously for a day and night. My throat became dry and I could not utter even a word.
Waraqat bin Naufal passed by seeing the scene of Bilal being punished. He said, Bilal you are right, Bilal. Ahad Ahad, Allah is true. He said to Umayyath, are you killing him? If that happens, I will take care of Bilal’s grave as a house of mercy.

Finally, Abu Bakar (R) came through. He asked Umayyath. Oh Umayyath: Aren’t you afraid of Allah in this poor man’s case? To what extent do you intend to torment this poor man? Umayyath said. You are the one who defiled him. Do what you need to save him. Abu Bakar (R) said, Well, I have a black slave who is healthy and lives firmly in your faith. I will give him to you and free Bilal instead. Umayyath Agreed. Abu Bakar (R) took Bilal and set him free. Bilal entered the world of freedom from the shackles of slavery.
It can be read as follows in the report of Muhammad bin Seerin. When Bilal became a Muslim, his enemies began to beat him in the desert. They said, “Say that your God is Lata and Uzza.” Then Abu Bakr came through that way. He asked why are you torturing him? After that, Bilal was bought and freed for a price of seven Ooqiya. The information was conveyed to the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ also wished to share the price. But Sideeq (R) had already set him free.
There is also an opinion that five Ooqiya were given as price. Believers are going through days of persecution. On the one hand, it was a sharing of pain and sorrow, but on the other hand, it was also a declaration of courage and firm faith.
Let’s read about Khabbab bin Al-Arat who sacrificed himself for the protection of faith. Sibau bin AbdulUzza and his friends asked Khabbab, “We have heard that you have gone astray and following the person who came with that new argument from the family of Hashim?” Khabbab, who was working on weapons said to those who asked, “I haven’t gone astray, . I leave the gods you worship and seek Allah, the Lord. That is all.” Sibau did not like this answer of the slave blacksmith . He started to attack him using the weapons. The information spread in Mecca. They could not bear that a slave had openly professed his faith. Quraish leaders Abu Jahl, Abu Sufyan and Waleed sat together in Darunnadwa and decided to strengthen the violence. His mistress Umm Anmar’s brother Sibau was assigned to punish Khabbab.He was laid naked on the scorching sand in the burning sun. Heavy stones were placed on him. Then Sibau asked. What do you say about Muhammad ﷺ now? He said swiftly , “Messenger of Allah, my Prophetﷺ”. wearing iron armor on his body, they will ask about Lata and Uzza . What to say, two stone statues, Khabbab will reply. With that, they would intensify their attacks…

Mahabba Campaign Part-81/365

The Prophet ﷺ once saw the scene of Khabbab being punished and the tears welled up in Prophet’s eyesﷺ. His cheeks were wet and he sincerely prayed, “O Allah, save Khabbab.”

Khabbab was born in Najd as the son of Arath of the tribe of Tamim. He was abducted by robbers and reached to the market of Mecca. He was bought by the rich Umm Anmar of the tribe of Khuzaa. As he excelled in weaponry, he became a well-known blacksmith in Mecca. Through that, Umm Anmar became very rich. At first, he was not interested in idolatry, etc., and when he was waiting for a way of release, the Prophetﷺ professed his prophecy . With that, Khabbab became excited. He declared Tawheed. But Umm Anmar did not like it. She tortured him. But soon she became ill. The physician prescribed to heat her head with hot iron rod daily. Khabbab was assigned to carry out the treatment. Khabbab had to see Ummu Anmar running because of the heat of the burning rod. It was a curious revenge of the time.

Imam Bukhari has quoted a narration that reminds us of the time of torture. Khabbab(R) said, “We were being severely tortured in Mecca . I came to the presence of the Prophetﷺ. He was lying on a pillow in the shade of the holy Ka’aba with a blanket folded over it. I asked. O Messenger of Allah! Does you not pray for us? The Prophet ﷺ stood up. His face turned red. He began to say. How much torture your predecessors suffered. Some of them, their hair was combed by the enemies with iron combs. Flesh was removed from the bones. Some were split in to two parts like splitting a tree with a sword. They did not give up their faith. This ideology will reach full growth. If a person travels from San’a to HalarMouth on that day, all that is needed to fear Allah and the fear of the wolf catching the sheep.
The sacrifice of the predecessors was remembered. The Prophetﷺ comforted the believers reminding of a safe future overcoming persecutions. The importance of tolerance was reiterated. All this was the essence of the intervention of the Prophetﷺ.
Khabbab studied the Qur’an well and became a teacher who taught others.

The days of adversity in Mecca continue. The poor believers were the victims of the Quraish’s constant cruel pastimes. Suhaib bin Sinan Al Rumi, Amir bin Fuhaira and Abu Fuqaiha were the main subjected to cruelty.

The family of Ammar (R) is the family that faced the biggest test because for accepting Islam. Father Yasir, Ummu Sumaiya, brother Abdullah all faced tests.

One day Ammar was beaten by a group of Quraish. His whole body was inflicted with wounds. He was laid on the scorching sand. Then dipped in the water. Ammar was unconscious for some time. When he regained consciousness, the assailants praised their gods and asked him to do so. In semi- conscious condition he agreed. Became aware of the fault when regained consciousness. He was very sad and kept on crying.

Mahabba Campaign Part-82/365

Then the Prophetﷺ came to him and wiped away his tears and asked. The disbelievers forced you to say something by drowning you in water. Didn’t they? Don’t be sad. The beloved Prophetﷺ consoled Ammar(R). He recited the hundred and sixth verse of the Al Nahl chapter of the Holy Qur’an: “If they are forced to deny (their faith) after their faith is established, then they are not guilty” . Ammar was relieved to hear this.
Yasir bin Amir came to Mecca from Yemen in search of his lost brother Abdullah. Two other brothers who came with him, Malik and Haris, returned to Yemen. Yasir settled in Mecca. Abu Hudaifa, who sheltered him in Mecca, gave Yasir a slave from his Makhzoom tribe. That slave woman is Yasir’s wife Sumaiya bint Khaiyat. Ammar was their dear son.

Ammar would go to Darul Arqam and listen to the holy Qur’an from the Prophetﷺ. He would come home and share with mother what he learnt. The light of faith entered the heart of mother. Each verse made her more excited. The verse that gave the idea that ‘the human race is made of one male and female, was particularly influential’. She told her son that she wanted to meet the Prophetﷺ as soon as possible. After giving in to mother’s insistence, he took her after two days along with him and reached Dar al-Arqam. The Prophetﷺ received them happily. Holy verses were recited. Sumayya, who accepted it, felt an immense joy in her heart. They disembarked from Dar ul Arqam. She came home and detailed her husband. He also converted to Islam. The Yasir family is counted among the first ten converts to Islam.

They kept Islam a secret for a year. Then declared the faith. Banu Makh zoom could not bear . They protested. Hand cuffed this family. Various attacks were made agaist them. Tried every possible way to divert from their belief. Nothing worked.
Each and every one of the Yasir family was attacked by the Quraish. Each one became a unique example of steadfast faith. Wife, Sumayya faced the scenes with amazing courage. She stood firm, not even bothering with any persecution. Looking at this family the beloved Prophetﷺ said, “O Yasir family, be patient. Heaven has been prepared for you”.

When the son, Ammar was knocked with a hot iron rod and made unconscious, the mother burst into tears. But her faith did not waver. The enemies tortured them continuously. When Abu Jahl realized that they could not be defeated by any atrocities, his wrath intensified. He raised his spear and thrust it into her abdomen. She became the first martyr of Islam… and flew to heaven. The slave girl of Banu Makhzoom became an unending source of energy for the believers till the end of the world. She emerged as the bravest woman in history. Soon Yasir also left this world and Yasir’s brother Abdullah was killed by an arrow. Ammar was left alone after a series of tribulations and atrocities. When Abu Jahl was killed at Badr, the Prophetﷺ said to Ammar, “Allah has killed the one who killed your mother”.

Mahabba Campaign Part-83/365

Labiba was a noble woman beaten for accepting Islam in the same way as Sumayya. She was a servant of Banul Muammal. Quraish beat her and left her on the verge of death. Abu Bakar (R) rescued her paying the price.
A brave woman of Roman origin named Cinnira or Sanbara is also to be read in this group. The Quraish hit her hard and blinded her. Said that this misfortune was the anger of the gods, Lata and Uzza . Immediately she praised Allah. The very next day she regained her sight. Then the enemies accused it of sorcery . Abu Bakar (R) freed her from the enemies.
Some others whom Abu Bakar (R) released were Ummu Unais, Nahdia, Nahdia’s daughter, and Ummu Bilal Hamama. Most of these people were freed when they were being attacked. Abu Bakar’s (R) father, Abu Quhafa,who noticed that a group of weak and poor believers were freed, said to his son; What help you will get by freeing these weak people? Couldn’t you at least have some safety if you released a few healthy people? He said.
Father I am not doing these releases for my own interest. Only to gain the pleasure of Allah. In praise of this deed, verses from the fifth verse of the “Al Lail” chapter of the holy Qur’an were revealed.
The life of the believers in Macca became difficult. The sufferings of the poor made the Prophet ﷺ saddened. He hoped in Allah for solutions. Then he said them, flee to Ethiopia. It is the land of truth. It’s ruler is righteous. No one will be harmed there. Stay there until Allah show you a solution.
Thus the first migration in the history of Islam took place in the month of Rajab in the fifth year of the Nubuvvah. Thus twelve men and four women migrated to Ethiopia. Their names can be read as follows.
1)Uthman Bin Affan 2)Wife Ruqiyyah (Daughter of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ )
3) Abu Hudaifa Bin Utbah 4) Wife Sahla Bint Suhail
5) Zubair Bin Al Awwam 6. Mis- ab Bin Umair 7 Abdur Rahman Bin Auf 8 Usman Bin Mazu’oon 9 Abu Sabra Bin Abu Raham 10 Hatwab Bin Amr 11 Suhail Bin Baila 12 Abdullah Bin Masood 13. Abu Salama Bin Abdul Asad 14 Wife Umm Salama: Bint Abi Umayyah: 15. Ameer bin Rabia: 16. Wife Laila bint Abi Hazma:
Abu Hazma’s daughter Laila says, Umar was the most hostile person when we embraced Islam. When we got ready to migrate and mounted on the camel , he asked me, Ummu Abdilla to where are you going ?. I said, “Don’t you attack us because we believe in Islam ! We are looking for a land where we will not be persecuted. Then he said, May Allah have mercy on you. I told my husband about this. I thought that Umar had some kind of remorse . Then my husband said, “Do you think he will convert to Islam?” Even if Umar’s donkey becomes a Muslim, Umar will not become a Muslim” .

Mahabba Campaign Part-84/365

Amir bin Rabia was not the only one who held the same opinion. That was the opinion of everyone who knew Umar well. But Mecca witnessed the scene of Umar Bin Khatab accepting Islam immediately after the believers migrated to Ethiopia.
There are opinions that Umar is the fortieth person among those who embraced Islam, or he is the fortieth ‘man’, or he is the most prominent among them.
There are various explanations about the context of Umar’s conversion to Islam. Once Umar(R) asked Aslam, the attendant “Should I tell you about my conversion to Islam?” Aslam said yes. He then began to say. One day I was with Abu Jahl and Shaybat. Then Abu Jahl said, “O Quraish, Muhammadﷺ rejects your gods. He sees our tolerance as foolishness. Argues that our predecessors are the inhabitants of the Hell. If anyone can kill Muhammad(ﷺ), then we will give them hundred camels, black and white, and a thousand coins of silver. I set out with my quiver loaded with arrows and my sword drawn. On the way I saw a group of people gathering. They are about to slaughter an animal. I looked there for a while. A message is heard from the middle. The content of the message is ‘to listen to the pious man who invites to Allah’. Then I thought this is a message meant for me! I moved on. Then there was a herd of sheep.Heard a poetic message from there also. It’s idea is to worship only Allah. The poem ends with the idea to come to Islam without hesitation. Even then I thought that this is meant for me.
In yet another report can read as follows. Umar proceeded with his drawn sword. On the way, he met Nu’aim bin Abdillah Al Nahham. He was a person who accepted Islam and kept it secret. He asked Umar. Where are you going? Umar says. I said him, I am going to see the ‘Sabiee’ or the Prophet ﷺ ; to kill that prophet[ﷺ] who rejects our gods and criticizes our religion . Nuaim told me. You have deceived yourselves. If you commit such a murder, will the Abdu Manaf family allow you to walk on this earth? Oh, don’t you get your house straight first? Which of my house?!. I asked. Nuaim said. Your uncle’s son and brother-in-law,Saeed bin Zaid and your sister Fathima. They follow the Prophet ﷺ as Muslims. Correct them first. (Nuaim did this to divert Umar from the Prophet ﷺ.) I went straight back to my sister’s house.
There is a method that the Prophet ﷺ used to do that day. If a poor righteous person accepts the faith, he will be secretly associated with a well to do man .He will give the poor all that he needs.Thus, the responsibility of two believers was with Saeed. Among them was Khabbab bin Al-Arat.
Umar got angry and went to his sister’s house. He heard the holy Quran recitation from inside. Khabbab hid somewhere in the house just after the door opened. Fathima concealed the piece on which the Twaha chapter of the holy Qur’an was written. Umar asked what is the chanting I heard just before entering here. They asked ; What did you hear? Nothing! Oh nothing. I already knew that both of you followed Muhammad ﷺ. Saying that, Umar caught Saeed.

Mahabba Campaign Part-85/365

Seeing her husband being beaten, Fathima defended Umar. Umar hit her and injured her. The blood was oozing from her wound . Fathima and Saeed said in unison. We both have accepted Islam. Do whatever you want to do. We believe in Allah and His Messenger. What do you have to do?
Seeing the blood on his sister’s face, Umar’s heart softened . He asked them with longing . Where is the tablet you were reciting? Let me read and see what Muhammad ﷺ teaches? Umar was a literate person. They said, we are afraid to give it to you. What if you destroy it ? Don’t be afraid, I will give it back to you, Umar responded swearing by gods . The sister who understood that there is a change in Umar, said, “I can give you this only if you come clean. These are words that should be touched only with purity”. Umar obeyed. He took a bath and came clean. They handed over the tablet on which the Qur’an was written. It was the chapter Twaha. He recited the first part earnestly . What beautiful words! Great book!
According to another report, he recited up to the seventh verse of the Al-Hadid chapter. The summary of the idea is as follows: “Believe in Allah and His Messenger and spend from what He has made you to be successors. When the recitation was completed, Umar declared: Ashhadu an lailaha illa Allah.
After hearing all this, Khabbab, who was hiding, came to the scene. O Umar! You have received the special prayer of the Prophet ﷺ I heard him pray yesterday. O Allah, strengthen Islam through either Abul Hakam (Abu Jahl) or Umar bin Al Khatab! O Umar…Allah has chosen you…
It can be read as follows in a report. Immediately Umar asked Khabbab . Where is Muhammad ﷺ? I want to declare Islam in person. Khabbab said. The Prophetﷺ, with his few companions is in a house near Safa Hill. Umar went there. He reached Dar al-Arqam and knocked at the door. The person who looked out through the window saw Umar. He went inside and said to the Prophet ﷺ. O Messenger of Allah..Umar is standing at the door with his sword drawn. Hamza said to the frightened companion from the presence of the Prophet ﷺ. Umar is welcome if he comes with good intentions. But if it is evil, I will destroy him with his sword. The Prophet ﷺ said. Open the door. Let him come in. If Allah has destined good for him, he will be guided. The door opened and two people grabbed his arm from both sides when he entered. He was produced before the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ said. Set him free. He entered the room of the Prophet ﷺ. The Prophet ﷺ asked him grabbing his dress . O Umar, what is the purpose of your coming? O Messenger of Allah – I have come to believe in Allah and His Messenger and what He has commanded. Immediately the Prophet ﷺ uttered Takbir. Allahu Akbar.. With that, everyone understood that Umar had become a Muslim. They also sounded the Takbir. Its ripples were heard in the streets of Macca. With that, the believers gained courage. Umar and Hamza are with us.

Mahabba Campaign Part-86/365

Another report about Umar’s conversion to Islam can be read as follows: I was a drunkard during Jahiliyyah period. There was a place where we used to gather near Alu Umar’s house called ‘Hasawwara’. One night I went there. When I reached there, none of my friends were there. I thought. How about going to that toddy shop owner in Mecca? When I got there, I didn’t see him either. Then I thought. Where else can I go!. Approach the holy Ka’aba and circumambulate seven or seventy times. Then I reached the masjid . At that time, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was standing in prayer. When the Prophet ﷺ was praying, he stood facing Sham. Then the holy Ka’aba will be between him and Sham. Or praying from between the ‘Aswad corner’ and the Yamani corner of the holy Ka’aba. When I watched the Prophet ﷺ’s prayer, I got a feeling. How about listening to Muhammad ﷺ tonight? Then I thought that if I went near and tried to listen, my presence might irritate the Prophet ﷺ. I passed through the north wall of the holy Ka’aba on the Hijri side of the curtain of the holy Ka’aba. Through inside of the curtain I reached just infront of the Prophet ﷺ . There was only a curtain between me and the Prophet ﷺ. It touched my heart. I started crying. Islam entered my heart. I stood there until the Prophet ﷺ finished his prayer. When the Prophet ﷺ went out, I followed him. I came to the Prophet ﷺ between Daru Abbas and Daru bin Azhar. He recognized me.
He scared me thinking that I came to disturb him. Then he asked me. Khattab’s son…. What is here at this time? I said, I have come to acknowledge Allah and His Messenger. Then he praised Allah. Then he said, O son of Khatab, may Allah guide you to the right path. Then he touched my chest and prayed for stability. I left him. He also entered the house.
The fact that this experience does not go against the statement quoted earlier. After the first experience his mind might be changed or tempted. Moreover, Umar also entered the arena with his sword, expecting a tempting gift from Abu Jahl. It was an offer that could bend any young man at that time. With such a conviction, we can read these two narrations of Umar together Umar felt self-satisfied with conversion to Islam. Thus, the gist of his poem can be read as follows.
“The thanks that must be said I bow to you, O Generous One. True words of the prophet At first, thought false and left. After I assaulted Khatwab’s daughter
The Almighty showed the right path.
Enemies said in the crowd Umar falls and goes to the ‘Sabiee’ path
I am saddened by the violence To my sister reciting sacred words
She sought to the Lord of the Throne.
Ahmadﷺ, famous among us today.
True prophet who warns
The, faithful hero.”

Mahabba Campaign Part-87/365

Immediately after embracing Islam, Umar had a desire. To meet the arch-enemy of Islam and inform him personally the conversion to Islam. When it was morning, he walked straight to Abu Jahl’s house and knocked on his door. He opened the door and asked. Welcome brother, whats up? Umar said, “I believe in Allah, His Messenger, and what He has revealed.” Abu Jahl got angry. He closed the door saying, “May God curse you and your idea.”
Then Umar thought. Who is the best announcer of news in Macca ? Yes, he is a man named Jameel bin Ma’mar Al Jumahi. Umar came to him and asked. “Did you know I have accepted Islam. I believe in the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Jameel came out without waiting to hear more . His dress was falling on the ground because of the rush. He went straight to the holy Ka’aba. Umar was also behind him. The Quraish were clubbing around the holy Ka’aba. Jameel shouted loudly and said, Oh Quraish! . This is Umar, the son of Khatab, became a Sabiee .Umar called out from behind and said, “It is not so. I have become a Muslim. I bear witness and declare that there is no god but Allah. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the Messenger of Allah. As soon as he announced this, all the Quraish rushed towards him. After being beaten Umar said. Let’s be three hundred people, then you will not be able to do this to us. They detained him until noon”.
At that time, an old man from Quraish came in there. He asked, “What is the matter?” They said. Umar has become a Sabiee . What a pity! A man has made a decision about himself. What do you want him to do about it? Do you think his tribe, Banu Adiyy, will give him up to you? So you leave him on his way. To hear so much, all of them dispersed from around him like a garment falling off from a person. Abdullah, the son of Umar (ra) says, “I asked my father later in Madeena about the day he became a Muslim, who was the person who drove away the enemies gathered around him ? Father said. He was a man named Aaz bin Wa’il As-Sahmi. He died as a polytheist.
A narration quoted by Imam Bukhari from Ibn Umar can be read as follows. Umar was staying at home worried due to the death- threat of the Quraish. Aas bin Wa’il entered there. He was wearing a cloth bordered with silk and full of decorations. He belonged to the Banu Saham tribe with whom we had an agreement during Jahiliyyah period . He asked Umar what is the problem? Umar said that your people will kill me because I am a Muslim. Aas bin Wa’il immediately responded. If I declare asylum to you then no one will do any harm to you. Then he came out. The valley is filled with people marching to Umar’s house. Aas asked where are you going? “We need Khatwab’s son Umar,” Aas responded quickly. It is not possible for you to touch Umar at all. With that the people retreated.
Umar’s conversion to Islam gave confidence to the believers. Ibn Masood says that with Umar’s conversion to Islam, we became strong . We were not able to pray publicly near the holy Ka’aba until he came to Islam. Says Ibn Abbas. Gibreel came and said. The people of the sky rejoiced at Umar’s acceptance of Islam.
Ibn Umar reports . The beloved Prophet ﷺ prayed to Allah that You strengthen this Islam through someone you like from among Abu Jahl or Umar. Allah liked Umar.

Mahabba Campaign Part-88/365

Emperor Negus welcomed the Muslims who came to Ethiopia. Umar and Hamza’s acceptance of Islam gave strength to the believers. Islam began to spread to the tribes. Day by day Islam was looking for new shores. Seeing all this, the Quraish, who were disturbed, started making new strategies . They put forward the idea that the Prophet ﷺ should be killed. They discussed that the Quraish could carry out this task by someone from outside and thereby avoid internal problems. But Banu Hashim and Banul Mutalib families opposed this opinion.
When the decision to kill him did not work, the Quraish came to the conclusion that they could besiege him. They drew up a blockade agreement. They declared complete non-cooperation with the Banu Hashim Banul Muttalib families. Should not accept or make marriages from them. Not buy or sell goods to them . This siege will continue until the prophetﷺ is taken to be executed. This was their non-cooperation agreement. It was written down and kept inside the holy Ka’aba. There are opinions as to who wrote this agreement. The names of Mansoor bin Ikirima, Nalar bin Haris, Bugail bin Amir and Hisham bin Amr have been cited by different historians. It is also mentioned that some of the fingers of the person who wrote the contract got paralyzed.
Then the entire Banu Hashim and Banul Muttalib families were isolated in the valley of Shiabu Abi Talib or The valley of Abu Talib . The believers and the disbelievers in the family were in great adversity . They had to be content with the little food that came by secretly. Some days there was not even a little food .Sometimes only leaves and nuts.Because of that their mouth got hurt.Theirs was like the excrement of sheep.
The Quraish were always careful to keep the siege strong. They were watching that no food or supplies could reach the valley. Abu Jahl stopped the grain that Hakim bin Hizam was taking for his aunt, Khadeeja on the way. Abul Bakhthari, asked Abu Jahl to allow Hakeem to deliver the food grain. But Abu Jahl denied. They confronted each other. Abu Jahl threatened to humiliate him publicly if he delivered the food . Finally, Hakeem took a camel’s jaw and hit Abu Jahl and injured him. It was very humiliating for Quraish to know this incident . But Hamza was watching this.
Abu Lahab, a member of the Banu Hashim family, was also present in the valley at an early stage. But later he joined the enemy side . He openly declared his support. He turned against the Muslims. Then he met Utba’s daughter Hind. He said to her. Shall we not help Lata and Uzza? By that, those who avoided them, we also avoided them.
This blockade continued for three years. Throughout this period, Abu Talib remained a guardian to the Prophet ﷺ. Every night Abu Talib would go to the place where the Prophet ﷺ was sleeping. One of his sons would be placed in the place where the Prophet ﷺ slept, to avoid enemy’s attack . Thus, he protected the Prophet ﷺ at any cost.

Mahabba Campaign Part-89/365

Life in the valley became difficult. But none of the believers changed their mind. They survived with patience. Then one day, the Prophet ﷺ called Abu Talib and said, “O my uncle, the Quraish have prepared a document against us and displayed it inside the holy Ka’aba. But all the parts of the document except the name of Allah have been destroyed.” Abu Talib asked. Did Allah tell you this? Yes. Well, no one will surpass. Abu Talib approached the Quraish with a group. The Quraish thought that Abu Talib has come to hand over Muhammadﷺ to help the poor , helpless people under siege. Abu Talib began to speak. Whatever happened between us happened. I will not explain anymore. Take the contract written against us. Let us find a solution to the problem between us. Abu Talib said this because he was afraid that if he foretold what happened to the contract , they might try to distort the contract . The Quraish brought the box from inside the holy Ka’aba, in which the contract was put. Then they(the Quraish) began to speak. It is time to go back from your newly adopted idea. Then Abu Talib intervened. “I have come with an idea to mediate between us,”. You know that he has not told even a lie in all his lifetime. My nephew says that Allah has sent termites to the contract paper which you illegally wrote against us. Everything except the word ‘Allah’ in your paper was eaten by termites. If what the Prophetﷺsaid is true, then the Prophetﷺ will never be handed over to your attack. If it’s not true, I will hand over him to you. With this we can end dispute between us. They agreed to it, because the Prophet ﷺ had no way of seeing or knowing about the contract that had been written and kept in the holy Ka’aba three years ago. They excitedly opened the casket. What a miracle!. The case was as Abu Talib said earlier.
Those who are truly sensible should follow him. But the dark-hearted ones will not end their grudge. They brought out a new accusation. They told Abu Talib. This is the sorcery of your nephew.
Abu Talib immediately asked. What is the reason to besiege us even when the truth and falsehood are separated? Aren’t you actually doing violence and injustice? Then Abu Talib and those with him entered inside the Kiswa of the holy Ka’aba. Then they prayed, “O Allah! Help us against those who besieged us, attacked us and cut off our ties!” Then they returned to the valley.
The days of fierce siege are over, but the trials are not.
Meanwhile, the believers who were in Ethiopia, received a news. The condition in Macca calmed down. Some prominent people embraced Islam. Few people heard this news and returned to Macca. It was only an hour’s journey to reach Macca . There they met a caravan of the Kinana tribe. Inquired about the condition of Macca and understood the real situation; The Quraish are moving forward in hostility. The life of the believers in Mecca is still difficult. Hearing this, those who reached near Mecca became worried. Some took the shelter of some people in Macca and entered there. Some came secretly to their families. Ibn Masood (R) returned to Ethiopia Itself. Uthman bin Mazuoon (R) remained in Macca under the protection of Waleed bin Mugheera.

Mahabba Campaign Part-90/365

A person sheltered by one of the Quraish would not be attacked by others. So Uthman bin Malzuoon traveled safely in Macca . But after a few days he felt mental strain; How can I walk smoothly when my co-believers are being tortured. He walked straight to Waleed. told him. Get rid of the shelter you gave me. I am getting rid of your protection . Waleed asked. Oh my nephew ! What a decision!. What if someone attacks you?. I am content with Allah’s refuge. I do not want anyone else’s refuge now. Therefore, just as you have given me refuge in the masjid, announce publicly that the refuge will be removed. They both reached the masjid .
Waleed called out publicly and said, “Usman bin Mazuoon asked me to withdraw him from the refuge I had given him. According to that, he is exempt from my refuge from today.” Immediately, “Uthman said, “This statement is correct. He followed it exactly while I was under his refuge. Now the exemption is according to my demand. I have decided to be satisfied with the refuge of Allah.” ‘Waleed ‘ was in the majlis of Quraish and Uthman was about to say goodbye. Immediately the poet Labid sang. “Ala Kullu Shaiin…”
“All that is not Allah, is vain” . Uthman said, that is the truth and Labid immediately finished “Wa kullu Naeemin …”
“And all the blessings are no doubt transient”. Usman immediately responded. “That is not true, the Heaven’s blessings will never end”.
Labid continued. What happened to Usman now, before this he was safe!. Then one of the Quraish got up and started talking. Didn’t you leave our religion and go to foolishness? Then you will be handled like this ?. Uthman had an argument with him. At the end, Uthman was slapped on the face and his eyes turned blue. Immediately Waleed asked again. What a safe haven you have been in until now. You didn’t want it yourself. Would this have happened if you had my haven?
Usman immediately responded. Oh Waleed , I wish the same thing happened to my other eye . The One, I took shelter from, or Allah, is more Glorious and Powerful than you. Waleed said, nephew, if you still want, I can give you shelter. If you want, return to my haven . Usman said no.
Abu Talib declared refuge for Abu Salamah. Then the Banumakhzoom tribe approached Abu Talib and said, “Why did you not prevent Abu Salama from us as you prevented your brother Muhammad ﷺ?” Abu Talib said. He is my nephew . How could I not give him refuge when he sought refuge with me. If I had neglected my brother’s son, I would have left my sister’s son too. I did not avoid both of them. Abu Lahab who was watching this scene intervened. He asked. Why do you question this aged man or Abu Talib always in public? I will make a defense for him and help him to achieve his goal. Immediately the Banu Makhzoom said no we will not do anything you dislike. They spared Abu Talib. Abu Talib was very happy with this intervention of Abu Lahab.

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